Imaging Technique for Alcohol-Related Birth Defects

Until now, limited research on embryos has prevented scientists from understanding how maternal use of alcohol causes congenital heart defects. ... read more »

How Alcohol During Pregnancy Affects Fetal Brain Development

Neuroscientists at the University of California, Riverside, have found strong new evidence that consuming alcohol during pregnancy causes developmental problems in unborn babies. ... read more »

Alcohol in First Trimester of Pregnancy Harms Placenta

The link between a pregnant woman's drinking and fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is clearly established but 30% to 60% of all pregnant women in the world still consume alcohol while pregnant. ... read more »

Australia May Prosecute Moms Who Drink Alcohol While Pregnant

Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a "real problem" in the Northern Territory (NT), according to its attorney-general, John Elferink. ... read more »

White Women Like to Smoke During Pregnancy

If you pass five pregnant white women this week, chances are high that at least one of them has smoked within the past month. ... read more »

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Start taking a prenatal supplement well before pregnancy. The most important part of pregnancy is the prenatal care. The first few weeks of gestation are full of quick growth for the fetus. ... read more »

School-Age Drinking Increases Breast Cancer Risk

August and September is the begging of the great exodus of college students from their parent’s homes back to their college dorms. For many students, this also means the beginning of weekend – and weekday – booze binging.  ... read more »

Can Light Drinking Affect Fetal Development?

Drinking heavily while pregnant is known to cause fetal alcohol syndrome as well as other birth defects, but what about a few drinks now and then? ... read more »

Study Reveals Which Moms are More Likely to Drink Alcohol While Pregnant

One in 10 pregnant women participating in an extensive study of the drinking habits of US women of childbearing age responded positively that they did consume an alcoholic beverage while pregnant. ... read more »

Pregnancy and Alcohol: Psychological Factors

Studies on the fetal effects of alcohol use during pregnancy seem to contradict one another; one researcher was curious about the disparity in results. ... read more »

Crime or Choice: Law Against Drinking While Pregnant in UK

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom (UK) will soon be called upon to determine if drinking alcoholic beverages while pregnant is a crime or merely a reckless exercise of personal choice. ... read more »

New Technique For Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is diagnosed based on a set of physical anomalies at birth. These include altered facial formation and development issues. ... read more »

7 Things Men Should Avoid When Trying to Conceive

Getting your partner pregnant isn't always as easy as it sounds. It mayseem a little bit ironic, many men spend their single days hoping theywon't accidentally get a girl pregnant. ... read more »

Tips for Surviving Holiday Buffets During Pregnancy

What would the holidays be without rich foods and family celebrations? During pregnancy, you have to be extremely careful when eating from holiday buffets. ... read more »

How to Deal with Pregnancy in Your 30's in 12 Steps

Let our 12 step guide help you deal with pregnancy in your 30's. ... read more »

Can I Drink Wine During Pregnancy

You should not drink any alcohol during pregnancy. Wine contains alcohol and you should not drink wine during pregnancy. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is bad for your baby and heavy drinking can cause birth defects and fetal alcohol syndrome, including wine. ... read more »

Foods and Substances to Avoid During Pregnancy

What foods and substances should you not consume during pregnancy? ... read more »

New Year’s Fertility Resolutions: Leave Behind Bad Vices

It is common knowledge that drinking alcoholic beverages or those that are high in caffeine, smoking, and taking herbal remedies are frowned upon while pregnant or nursing. These substances can have a negative impact on your baby's growth and development. ... read more »

Is Early Drinking Linked to Verbal Development?

Research now suggests that children who develop verbal and cognitive skills early could be more likely to engage in an early exploration of alcohol in their adolescence. ... read more »

Alcohol, Drug Use, Smoking, and Stress During Pregnancy

Certain stress factor can pose a problem when trying to conceive and during pregnancy. ... read more »

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD), ARND, and ARBD

The full pattern of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome usually occurs in offspring of chronic alcohol abusers, most often in women who drink 4-5+ drinks daily. However, it can also occur in women who drink less. ... read more »

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Test on the Horizon

Researchers have found evidence of gestational alcohol intake in the first infant bowel movement. ... read more »

How Safe Is Beer for Breastfeeding?

After nine months of abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy, it may come as a shock to new moms when an alcoholic beverage is actually recommended during breastfeeding. ... read more »

Preconception Interventions to Prevent Pregnancy Alcohol Use

Limiting alcohol exposure during pregnancy is an important part of pregnancy educational goals. Recent studies have proven multi-session programs work to reduce overall AEP occurrences, but attending multiple sessions is not always a viable option for pregnant women. ... read more »

Pregnant Women Can Drink – New Study Claims

Researchers working with the Danish National Birth Cohort claim drinking in the early parts of pregnancy has no negative impact on the pregnancy or fetal health, according to a new report. ... read more »

Why Cigarettes and Wine are Bad for Baby

Rules that involve the avoidance of alcohol and tobacco products mayseem like rules that can be safely bent from time to time but there aresound scientific reasons why these rules exist. Basically, they're badfor the baby. ... read more »

Medications With Alcohol During Pregnancy

  Pharmaceutical products with ethanol would fall under Category D of products screened by the US Food and Drug Administration. This category is for drugs which are known to cause various health risks to fetuses when the drugs are taken during pregnancy. ... read more »

Cinco de Mayo Foods for Pregnancy and Fertility

Common staples of Mexican cuisine include beans, tortillas and rice, all of which can provide healthy nutrition for pregnant women. ... read more »

Periconception Maternal Characteristics and Fetal Growth

At the University Medical Centre in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, researchers found a connection between periconception maternal characteristics and fetal growth as measured in crown rump length (CRL). ... read more »

Most Common Food and Nutrition Myths During Breastfeeding

New moms have the go-ahead to pop the cork off that celebratory champagne once the baby is born. The key to drinking alcohol during breastfeeding is to control portion size and have the correct timing. ... read more »

Drinking Habits of Pregnant Women

A new study published in the Ghana Medical Journal sheds light on the drinking habits of pregnant women who choose to drink during pregnancy, despite potential pregnancy and fetal complications. ... read more »

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome More Complex Than Once Believed

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a series of birth defects associated with alcohol consumption during pregnancy. ... read more »

Brain Development Affected by Environment and Experience

Recent studies have revealed that maternal stress, weight and eating habits can affect infant health well into adulthood. A new study now reports that life experiences of the mother during pregnancy may also have an impact on health. ... read more »

Alcohol and Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant, those planning a pregnancy, or women at risk for pregnancy should not drink any alcohol. ... read more »

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD) Prevalence and Policy

According to the study,cases of fetal alcohol syndrome in Australia are underreported, which could impact the effectiveness of programs designed to reduce the number of children born with or at risk of fetal alcohol syndrome. ... read more »

How to Be a Good Father to Your Baby

Being a good father to your baby is not as daunting as it can seem. With a little common sense and a good sense of commitment, it can be one of the most rewarding things that one has ever done. ... read more »

Factors that affect how long it takes to get pregnant

When couples ask ,"How long does it take to get pregnant?" they are often focused on the reproductive side of their body. ... read more »

Alcohol and the fetus

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is a significant public health problem and may result in a wide range of adverse outcomes for the child. ... read more »

Experts Say One or Two Drinks OK During Pregnancy

Drinking heavily during pregnancy has been linked to fetal alcohol syndrome and could cause severe birth defects. ... read more »

Does Alcohol-Free Mouth Wash Reduce Risk of Preterm Birth?

Researchers presented a study at the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine yearly meet-up, The Pregnancy Meeting, regarding the possible benefits of using alcohol-free mouthwash to reduce preterm labor. ... read more »

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Fetal Alcohol Effects (FAE)

Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is one of the most common known causes of mental retardation, and the only cause that is entirely preventable. ... read more »

Alcohol, TTC, and Pregnancy

Even one glass of alcohol can significantly harm the developing fetus. ... read more »

Improving HIS Fertility

Male infertility is the reason that almost half of couples seek infertility treatments. There are several things a man can do to improve his fertility. ... read more »

3 Natural Ways to Fight Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is something all men fight with from time to time. Things like diet, alcohol consumption and stress can cause occasional erectile dysfunction. ... read more »

No Alcohol Consumption is Safe During Pregnancy

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a condition that affects the growing fetus when a pregnant woman consumes alcohol during pregnancy. ... read more »

Binge Drinking is a Threat to Young Girls and Women

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, excessive consumption of alcohol accounted for 23,000 deaths each year between 2001 and 2005. ... read more »

Kids Bombarded with Tempting Booze Ads on TV Sport Events

A study published in January indicates children who grow up watching booze ads on TV are more likely to imbibe themselves. They have a tendency start early and are prone to overindulgence. ... read more »

Binge Drinking Rate Skyrocketing for American Women

The number of American women who were binge drinking from 2005-2012 skyrocketed. ... read more »

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Expected to Rise

Social scientists and epidemiologists warn of a growing number of babies being born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) in coming years. ... read more »

Breast Cancer Risk Tied to Early Drinking Habits

According to the study, the amount of drinking that occurs between the time a young women has her first period and the time when she carries her first baby to term may increase or decrease risk of breast cancer. ... read more »