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Why do clothes matter so much during pregnancy?

Maternity fashion today is at the peak of style. Women have more choices for maternity wear than ever before — from business suits to skinny jeans to bathing suits, all created with that baby bump in mind.

Everywhere you look, there are tips about pregnancy ails. If you are having heartburn in pregnancy, do not wear tight clothing. If your back aches, maybe your maternity wear and clothes are too tight. And, if you are tired and cannot sleep while pregnant, you may need to choose lighter, more comfortable night clothes that do not restrict the body. What you wear does affect how you feel.

Why shouldn’t restrictive clothing be worn during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the mother’s body increases the volume of blood exponentially. The fetus needs blood, mom needs blood and the process of fetal growth requires even more blood. In order to keep all of this blood moving to the various parts of the body, the heart must pump harder than ever before. Restricting the flow of that blood is not a great idea and that's where maternity wear and pregnancy clothes come in.

Another huge reason to wear the most comfortable maternity wear and pregnancy clothes is swelling. When tight clothes are worn during pregnancy, the variable swelling of the legs and feet will cause restriction of the blood flow to these areas of the body. The baby needs room and the body will make that room whether you want to like that baby bump or not.

How do I find the best fit?

If you feel you are a bit more swollen or have gained a few extra pounds, ordering a size bigger than normal is a good idea. Most websites have size charts which recommend what sizes you should buy. Of course, nothing replaces visiting maternity stores in person and trying on clothes. This will ensure your best fit.

How can I be comfortable in my clothes?

The key to maternity wear and pregnancy clothing is to be comfortable. Maternity clothing should never restrict the legs, feet, arms or hands. The waistline of the maternity pants should be elastic and loose as to not impede the movement of the baby or restrict blood flow to the stomach. Dresses are ideal for every stage of pregnancy.

For moms-to-be who are carrying multiple babies, finding maternity wear and pregnancy clothes can be even more of a hassle. By the time the third month of pregnancy rolls in, the belly may be larger than any maternity size available in a normal retail setting. Specialty shops are available online with large waistbands for moms with larger pregnancy loads.

Do belly belts help with balance?

Maternity wear and pregnancy clothing shops often carry belly belts in order to help mom keep the weight of baby under control. These baby belts form a sling which goes under the belly and a strap worn around the neck or shoulders. The idea is to shift some of the weight off the back and onto other parts of the body. This is especially important in mothers who are carrying multiples.

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