Q: What workup and tests are abnormal in a patient with recurrent abortions?

Abnormal findings in 90 patients with recurrent abortions:
Hysterosalpingogram: 39%
Endometrial biopsy: 38.6%
Cervical Cultures: 31%
Karyotype: 13.2%
Antinuclear antibody: 9.5%
Lupus anticoagulant: 9.3%
Anticardiolipin antibody: 4.8%
Thyroid: 6.75%
Prolactin: 3.8%
No findings (idiopathic): 24.7%

FROM: Frequency of Etiological Factors and Cost Effectiveness of the Workup for Patients With History of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Shawky Z. A. Badawy, MD, Edith M. Westpfal, MD
Early Pregnancy: Biology and Medicine

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