When your doctor prescribes an antibiotic it is important to understand why you should take it. You also may want to discuss some alternatives with your doctor.  

If the infection is mild or poses no harm to the mother or fetus, there may be an alternative to prescription antibiotic therapy. In order to find a safe alternative treatment, the obstetrician should be consulted. Only someone trained in the effects of herbs and supplements on the body will be able to advice the pregnant mother which herbs are safe during pregnancy.

Not all herbs that are considered safe before pregnancy remain safe while pregnant. The pregnant mother must remember herbs are taken in higher quantities for medicinal purposes than in everyday life. Rosemary, for instance, can be eaten during pregnancy; however, the amount needed for medicinal purposes can be harmful to the mother and fetus.

The herbs that should be avoided while pregnant include saw palmetto, goldenseal, dong quai, ephedra, yohimbine, pay d'arco, passion flower, black cohosh, blue cohosh, roman chamomile and pennyroyal. Dandelion, evening primrose, feverfew, kava kava, senna and nettles should also be avoided during pregnancy as there is not enough information to draw a conclusive look at the harm that could result from using these herbs.

There are some herbs that are considered likely safe or possible safe. These herbs include red raspberry leaf, oats and oat straw , ginger root, bond psyllium, peppermint leaf black psyllium, garlic, slippery elm bark and capsicum.

At no point in time should an herbal blend or proprietary blend be taken while pregnant if the ingredients are not divulged. The Food and Drug Administration does not review herbal supplements before they are sold to consumers. This means, the ingredient list may not show the proper amounts of an herb or all of the herbs used in the supplement. In some cases, herbal supplements will use a scientific or branded name for an herbal supplement that make choosing a safe supplement difficult without the help of an herbalist.