Q: Should I continue or stop taking medications during pregnancy?

A: Anytime a woman is on medication, there is concern about its effect on fertility or on the fetus and pregnancy. You should never stop a prescription medication without first consulting your doctor. There is a reason you were given the medication. The effects of suddenly stopping and not taking the medication may be worse than continuing it. Most medications' effect on pregnancy are classified, and it's a good idea to know the classification of your medication. However, it's impossible to counsel someone about possible side effects of a medication without knowing more about the person. In addition to the medication there may be other issues that could possibly affect a pregnancy. That's why, when you are concerned about a medication, it's usually suggested to consult your doctor or a high-risk pregnancy specialist and/or a genetic counselor before or during pregnancy. They can evaluate you completely and answer your concerns about the medication or any other problems you may have.