Medicine can be complicated. Doctors spend many, many years in College, Medical School, and training to learn about their specialty.

Just because someone writes something and it's on the internet doesn't mean it's correct. Below we list some sites and information that publish incorrect information about fertility and pregnancy:

  1. Medicalnews Todays incorrectly states: "Women are most fertile 3–5 days before ovulation till around 1–2 days after ovulation". According to all research, fertility (the days you can get pregnant from having sex)  covers the 5 days before ovulation and the day of ovulation. According to this research, you cannot get pregnant from having sex after ovulation.
  2. Verywellfamily has a page called "How Long Does Ovulation Last?" That page goes on to say: "Ovulation lasts for 12 to 48 hours". This statement is completely wrong and misinforms women. This question in and by itself is incorrect as ovulation, the ejection of the egg from the ovary, lasts only seconds, not hours.
  3. Miracare incorrectly assumes "ovulation lasts 120-24 hours". 
  4. Tempdrop states incorrectly that there is a "24-48 hour lifespan of the egg ".
  5. First Response Ovulation Calculator is completely wrong: 3 fertile days after ovulation. And only two before ovulation. This cannot be more wrong. 
  6. Webmd incorrectly shows only 3 days fertility before and 1 day after ovulation.
  7. Clearblue: Calculates ovulation 2 days after the correct day and indicates the wrong likelihood of fertility.
  8. Whattoexpect - Adds another fertile day after ovulation when in fact ovulation day is the last fertile day.
  9. Huffington Post: Incorrect: "you can get pregnant on your period." Correct: You can only get pregnant if and when you ovulate, and ovulation does not happen when you have your period. You can however get pregnant later on (not on your period) if you have unprotected sex on your period. Sperm can survive for up to five days, and if you have unprotected sex on your period, they can survive up to five days and then fertilize an egg later on.
    Huffington Post: Incorrect: "You are most fertile before and around ovulation". Correct: "Around" implies before, during, and after. You are fertile only before and on the day of ovulation, not after ovulation. Making love after ovulation will not get you pregnant
  10. Babyy2see: Incorrectly calculates conception days and fertile days
  11. Motherandbaby.co.uk - Sadly includes days after ovulation as fertile days
  12. Huggies - Includes incorrectly the day after ovulation as a fertile day. Plus, it incorrectly shows implantation day happening 3 days after presumed ovulation, when in fact it's on average 9 days.
  13. Hipp - They say: "The female body is ready for conception only in the days around ovulation." That is incorrect. 
  14. Mivf.com.au - Identifies the day of ovulation but excludes it in the right column from your fertile window. Includes several days after ovulation.
  15. Calculator.net - Incorrect calculation of fertile days
  16. American Pregnancy Calculator: Indicates 11 fertile days. But there are only 6, the day of ovulation, and the 5 days before that day. It is possible to ovulate on different days, but that should not distract from providing the fertile days.
  17. Tommys' with the NHS - Incorrect fertile days
  18. The Wonderweeks - Got it all wrong

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