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Test your fertility knowledge!

Most of us have learned about periods, sex, and pregnancy from family and friends while growing up, but how many of us know the intricacies of fertility? Do you think you’re pretty knowledgeable about getting pregnant? What about how eating, drinking, and other daily habits affect the ability to get pregnant? Do you know when your fertility declines?

How age ads up

Most of us know that your fertility isn’t as strong as you age, but it’s important to know at what age your fertility starts to decline and what your pregnancy chances are at any age.

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Daily habits matter

There are so many lifestyle and environmental factors that can affect your fertility and there are also just as many fertility myths circulating. Many people have their own individual idea of what is safe or not safe while trying to conceive but they are not all rooted in medical science. The truth is that what you put into your body and how you treat your body has a direct impact on your fertility. Good fertility is usually a sign of good health.

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