Q: Does ovulation always occur on cycle day 14?

No, ovulation does not always occur on cycle day (CD) 14. This is the most widely held fertility myth. Belief in this myth has caused the following results:

  1. Many couples don't get pregnant because they miscalculate the ovulation date. Couples who desire to get pregnant actually prevent pregnancy by incorrectly by timing intercourse on Day 14, when the woman may ovulate either much earlier or later than that one particular day.
  2. On the other hand, many unplanned pregnancies occur because couples think they are safe for unprotected intercourse on any day but Day 14.

If you don't know exactly when you may ovulate, then diagnostic tests and therapies may possibly be performed at an inappropriate time in the woman’s cycle. These include infertility procedures such as post-coital tests and endometrial biopsies, as well as general health procedures such as mammograms and diaphragm fittings. Studies have shown again and again that ovulation often happens on a day other than CD 14, even in women with a 28-day cycle. Doing a temperature chart will help you identify your ovulation day and improve your chances of getting pregnant.

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