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    Charting Fertility While Breastfeeding

    Keeping a fertility chart is the perfect way to get to know your new body while breastfeeding, especially if you plan on trying to conceive soon after giving birth. ... more »

    Charting and Counting: A Man’s Guide to Ovulation

    You are a supportive partner. You are there for your partner when she needs you and have decided to start a family together. You are excited about your role in the actual conception and pregnancy process, pale though it may be in comparison to hers. ... more »

    Can Fertility Awareness Methods help me get pregnant?

    Yes, absolutely!  Recall that Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM) involve charting observable fertility signs (changes in cervical fluid, basal body temperature, and cervical texture and position) as a way of determining a women’s cyclical fertility.  ... more »

    Chapter 1: Introduction to Fertility Charting

    Your basal body temperature BBT is the temperature of your body at rest. For fertility charting, the temperature is always taken in the morning before you move or get out of bed. ... more »

    3 Important Physical Ovulation Symptoms

    Many women use the physical ovulation symptoms their body displays to predict when they are most fertile in order to increase the chance of conception, or in order to prevent pregnancy. ... more »

    Long Menstrual Cycle and Basal Body Temperature BBT

    The first thing to do if you have a long menstrual cycle is you should confirm that you are not pregnant by doing a pregnancy test. ... more »

    Fertility 101: Lesson 07 - The Big O Ovulation And Your Temperature

    Your BBT or Basal Body Temperature is your body's temperature at rest, when you have slept for several hours. The best time to take your BBT is first thing in the morning when you wake up. ... more »

    Body Wraps

    Body wraps involve the application of heated towels or wraps to specific areas of the body to melt away fat and treat aches and pains. They are not safe during pregnancy. ... more »

    Calendar Method For Fertility Awareness

    Calendar-based methods are one part of fertility awareness, an attempt to find which days in the menstrual cycle are fertile days and which are not. ... more »

    FertilChart - Fertility Charting Online

    By charting your basal body temperature (BBT) you can learn more about your fertility and keeping a BBT chart is a very exciting way to get pregnant. ... more »

    Pregnancy Acronyms and Abbreviations

    Our complete list of  pregnancy and fertility acronyms and abbreviations are widely used in forums and pregnancy and TTC communities. ... more »

    Cervical Mucus EWCM Ovulation Fertility Pregnancy

    The cervical mucus is produced by the cervix and changes consistency throughout your menstrual cycle based on hormones associated with ovulation. ... more »

    Ovulation Calendar and Ovulation Chart Basal body temperature charting

    Here are instructions to make charting ovulation and your BBT easy. ... more »

    Coverline and BBT Charting

    The coverline is a horizontal line drawn in your basal body temperature BBT chart after ovulation has been established. ... more »

    Fertility Awareness Fertility Signs Ovulation Calendar and Chart

    Fertility awareness and charting is part of 'Natural Family Planning' (NFP). It uses a woman's natural fertility signs to identify when she may or may not be fertile. ... more »

    Pregnancy Tools and Fertility Tools

    Pregnancy and fertility tools to help you improve your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy. Chinese Pregnancy Calendar, Ovulation Calculator, Due Date Predictor, etc. ... more »

    Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Charting Introduction 101

    Learn how to start charting your Basal Body Temperature (BBT), improve your chances of getting pregnant and find out if and when you ovulated and if you had intercourse at the right time. ... more »

    Why Chart Your Temperature

    What is BBT temperature charting for? ... more »

    Implantation Temperature Dip

    The term implantation temperature dip is often used to refer to a luteal phase temperature dip that occurs around the time of expected implantation (7-10 days past ovulation). ... more »

    Does Ovulation Always Occur on Cycle Day (CD) 14?

    The most widely held fertility myth is that women always ovulate on Day 14 of their cycle. Nothing is further from the truth. ... more »

    Chapter 1: Introduction To BBT Charting

    Your basal body temperature BBT is the temperature of your body at rest. For fertility charting, the temperature is always taken in the morning before you move or get out of bed. ... more »

    1. Fertility Charting Chart, BBT charting, Ovulation calendar

    Introduction to fertility charting and basal body temperature (BBT) charting. ... more »

    Probability Determination of Ovulation

    How does BabyMed rate the probability, such as the probability of ovulation, in the BBT curve? ... more »

    Ovulation - What Time of Day?

    I had sexual intercourse with my husband late at night, and the next day my BBT showed was elevated, indicating ovulation the day before. Can I find out whether I ovulated in the morning or at night? ... more »

    Late Menstrual Period

    It came 5 days later than usual ... more »

    Depo Provera and No Period

    I received my last depo provera shot 6 months ago and have no period. Is that normal? ... more »

    Fertility Charting - BBT Charting

    Charting your fertility and temperature charting is among the most important things to do when trying to get pregnant. ... more »

    Fertility Charting - Who Uses It?

    Who uses fertility charting? ... more »

    Pregnancy Diagnosis and BBT Temperature Curve

    If you haven't had your period 15+ days after ovulation on the BBT temperature curve then a prgenancy is likely. ... more »