There are, fake tests sold on the Internet that look like paternity tests but are fake. Some even come complete with very real looking results letters. These tests contain cheek swabs, collection bags and return envelopes. The instructions are very detailed and could fool nearly anyone. The kit also comes with a positive and negative fake test result.

For a mom or dad to fake a paternity test comes with legal ramifications. If the test is revealed as faked or the false results are proven incorrect, the party administering the faulty test will be liable for the negative outcome of the test. If there are medical bills associated with the pregnancy and the father was named not the father, he will then be responsible for his portion of the bills (or all if the court of law rules in the favor of the mother). There is also the issue of back child support if the faulty test is not discovered until after the baby is born. Presenting a faux paternity test results letter is against the law.