Three periconception steps to a healthy pregnancy

Step 1: More than 3 Months Prior to Pregnancy

  • Complete the PeriConception Interview
  • Check your reproductive and general health
  • Find a good obstetrician or a maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialist now (Do not wait until your pregnancy is confirmed)
  •  Occupational history to check for occupational hazards
  •  Get examined and do the following tests:
  • Sperm analysis to check his fertility
  •  Vaginal and cervical smear examination for the screening of sexually transmitted infections/disorders
  •  Blood tests for: rubella, anemia, HIV, and genetic screening of autosomal and X-linked recessive carrier status and recently for predictive gene diagnostic tests.Prior exposure to toxoplasma, cytomegalovirus, parvovirus, herpes
  • Any additional tests if necessary
  • Get immunized for Rubella if not immune
  • Begin periconceptional multivitamin supplementation, especially folic acid supplementation
  • Begin a healthy diet and moderate exercise (both of you)
  • He should stay away too from any potential hazards and keep his testes "cool"

Step 1:  0-3 Months Prior to Pregnancy

  •  Try to reach an optimal BMI
  • Avoid active or passive smoking, no alcohol, or any unnecessary drugs. Limit coffee to 1-2 cups a day
  • Follow the menstrual cycle tracker and measure your basal body temperatures for detection of hormonal dysfunction (and treatment, if necessary) and determination of the optimal day of conception to make love and achieve conception on the optimal day (2-3 days prior and the day of ovulation).
  •  Continue periconceptional multivitamin supplementation.
  • See a dentist and check dental status.
  • Continue moderate physical exercise. 

Step 3: Early Pregnancy

  • Call your doctor for any further examinations and/or treatments
  • Early pregnancy confirmation, if necessary blood hCG measurements
  •  Postconceptional multivitamin supplementation.
  •  Avoidance of teratogenic and other risks.
  •  Early ultrasound to evaluate pregnancy
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