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What are Phthalates?

Phthalates are chemicals used in the production of plastics, personal products, and some medications. Numerous studies have been conducted on the possible health side effects associated with phthalate exposure. Researchers from various institutions in the U.S. gathered the results of those studies to formulate a concise recommendation for obstetricians and physicians. The report was published in the journal Current Opinions in Pediatrics.

Research On Phthalates

In all, researchers evaluated 13 studies completed on young children and infants with regards to potential side effects of phthalate exposure. The studies were conducted in the U.S., Asia and Europe. Parent reports of clinical conditions were used in many of the studies.


Phthalate exposure in utero may lead to increased risk of allergic diseases like eczema. There are also parent reports of autism that could be linked to the chemicals, though reports are inconsistent. Further study is needed into the effects of phthalate exposure on fetal, infant and childhood health, but as it stands, doctors should educate pregnant women on the best ways to limit phthalate exposure during pregnancy.

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