Cravings and body changes are common during pregnancy, but R&B star Beyonce does not like one of the changes she’s experiencing during pregnancy. According to the star, her sense of smell is dramatically different now than it was before pregnancy. She has grown to hate the scent of Jay Z’s cologne and she’s not afraid to tell him.

What’s a good-smelling man like Jay Z to do when his wife says he stinks? He changes how he smells. Luckily for Jay, his wife is a master at fragrance marketing. Beyonce was introducing her new fragrance Pulse when she commented on hubby’s smell, which makes us wonder. Does she really hate how Jay Z smells or is she just using pregnancy changes as a reason to market her new fragrance as an alternative to stinking smells?

After announcing the pregnancy, Beyonce and Jay Z were instantly thrown into the spotlight; not for being pregnant, but for being a black couple and pregnant. Some have compared Jay Z and Beyonce to Will and Jada Smith – the poster couple for a positive black relationship. Those are some huge shoes to fill!