A study of about 30,000 children is suggesting cell phone use could be
the cause of behavioral problems in certain children. The revealed that
children who were exposed to mobile phones while in utero and again
after birth may be at increased risk for behavior problems by as early
as the 7th birthday. While researchers have no idea exactly why this
occurs, there is a hypothesis that electromagnetic fields may have
something to do with behavioral changes.

This is not the first study to reveal a connection between cell phones and behavioral problems. In 2008, the same research group held a small study with only 13,000 children. That study was considered flawed due to some variables being left out of the research. The fact that the same researchers took the time to redo the entire study, fix the variables and still came up with the same results certainly gives credibility to the findings.

Other scientists and researchers have been actively studying the potential risks associated with advanced technology in society. With wireless Internet everywhere, even pregnant mothers who do not own a cell phone may be at increased risk despite having no knowledge of the electromagnetic waves all around them. Researchers believe more study is needed to support the findings and look further into the potential risks associated with technology.

Source: Leeka Kheifets, Andrew Adesman MD. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

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