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Q: Could hCG levels signify whether you may be having a boy or a girl?

A: According to a recent study, women who had a female fetus had hCG levels significantly higher than women who carried a male fetus. This finding is consistent with that found by several other researchers.

In a study published by Yaron Y et al in Human Reproduction, the authors studied 1,325 pregnant women with singleton pregnancies at 10-13 weeks and compared different hormone levels including the pregnancy hormone hCG human chorionic gonadotropin between women carrying a male and a female fetus  

These findings may have implications not only for evaluating risks of Down syndrome (women carrying female fetuses had a higher risk for Down syndrome) but also on the timing of a pregnancy test. If women carrying a male fetus have lower hCG levels then it may be possible that their first positive urine pregnancy test could be delayed.     

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