vaccineIn the last 10 years a re-emergence of pertussis has been reported. The majority of cases have shifted from children attending school to older children, adults and infants. Researchers reviewed current literature and vaccination guidelines to reveal the best strategies for controlling pertussis infection across all populations. The review was published in the journal BMC Infectious Diseases.

Three vaccination strategies were reviewed for the study – cocooning, vaccination of pregnant women and infants at birth and re-vaccination of children in schools, adults and health care professionals.

Conclusion: When cost-effectiveness and overall reduction in pertussis cases were taken into consideration, researchers report cocooning is best partnered with adolescent and adult vaccination. Limiting vaccination strategies to just one angle reduces effectiveness. Researchers also noted a new, more effective vaccine is needed.

Source: Chiappini E, Stival A, Galli L, de Martino M. Pertussis re-emergence in the post-vaccination era. BMC Infect Dis. 2013 Mar 26;13(1):151.

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