Although the effects of nail salon chemicals in the air on the fetus are not fully known, the exposure is quite minimal being a client and not an employee of the salon. The pampering session can be accommodated by requesting to sit in an area that is well ventilated or by wearing a mask.

There are several chemicals in the nail salons that one is exposed to.

  • Toluene
    : have similar properties as that of paint thinner
  • Acetone: the main component in nail polish remover, and a cleaning solvent
  • Ethyl acetate (EA): found in nail polish remover and certain glues
  • Butyl acetate: organic compound found in fruits
  • Formaldehyde: metabolic byproduct, as is automobile exhaust
  • Dibutyl Phthalate: before the fall of 2006, was found in nail polish

While pregnant there a significant changes in the nails and it may be possible to avoid the salon with home applications of nail hardeners. The nails may begin to grow faster, thicker and stronger. The need for trips to the salon may not be needed. Although the nails could also begin to split and break easily, this can be treated at home with applications of acrylic nail hardeners.

If you choose to visit your favorite nail salon for pampering, you can choose to set appointment times early in the morning when the shop is not as busy. This will reduce the amount of chemicals you may possible breath. Also requesting to get fresh air can also reduce exposure to inhaled chemicals.

Remember, there is not enough evidence to confirm or deny risks that nail salons may pose on an unborn fetus. Well-informed decisions and consulting physicians is the best recommendation. If you physician indicates that you would not be risking your unborn child by treating yourself, then enjoy.