2ww symptoms or two week wait symptoms

What is the 2WW, or two week wait?

Anyone will tell you that the most difficult time between ovulation or IVF and the next expected menstrual period is the two-week wait (2WW). Every woman wants definite symptoms that tells them that the IVF cycle was a success and they are pregnant. But there is no definite answer to this question because everyone is different and sometimes women have no pregnancy symptoms at all. There are also many myths out there about how pregnancy feels, which can easily lead you to become obsessed with these supposed symptoms.

When will I know if I am pregnant?

Most natural pregnancies are not discovered until you miss your period (around 4-6 weeks). This is when you may experience symptoms such as nausea or breast tenderness. The IVF process allows women to discover they are pregnant much sooner, so the symptoms might be different and more difficult to pinpoint.

There is no one symptom that will tell you 100% if you are pregnant or not. The following table lists symptoms that are frequently reported by women during their 2WW at different stages of pregnancy. During your 2WW, try to remember that you should not over analyze every twinge and try to relax.

During 2WW     3-4 weeks  After one month
Temperature Increase Missed Period Lower Back Pain
Implantation Dip: Temperature Decrease Vomiting / Nausea Food Cravings
Spotting Spotting Spotting
Cramping Cramping Cramping
Tightness in Abdomen Frequent Urination Frequent Urination
Twinges in Abdomen Breast Tenderness Breast Tenderness
Fatigue Fatigue Fatigue
Headaches * Headache Darken Nipples
Rash * Stretching Stretching
No symptoms Emotional Emotional
Discharge Bloating Constipation
Night sweats Acne Dizziness
    Leg Cramps

* Could be caused by the IVF medication