The female body is fine tuned to grow, develop, and prepare for the birth of her baby when the time is right. In terms of breast changes, as the end of the pregnancy grows near, the breasts may test themselves to make sure they are ready for the milk production ahead.

Causes of Leaky Breasts, Colostrum
Throughout pregnancy, it is natural for breasts to grow. When the final stages of pregnancy grow near, hormones are released that activate milk glands to begin production. At first, the milk produced is thick and full of protein for easy digestion by the baby. This milk is called colostrum. Most often, only a few drops of colostrum will leak out of the breast as sort of a testing process. Colostrum may appear thicker than typical breast milk and a bit yellow in color. This is natural.

Important Facts About Leaky Breasts, Colostrum
Most women have very little trouble with colostrum leaking from the breast, but their partners may notice it a bit more. During lovemaking, if the breasts are stimulated colostrum may appear on the nipple. Talking with your partner about this before it happens can prevent fright or negative feelings during intimacy. Some women don’t notice colostrum leaking from the breast until after birth.

Treatment for Leaking Breasts, Colostrum
Most often, colostrum will only leak out as a few drops. If there is more colostrum than you are comfortable with, try adding some nursing pads inside your bra. These pads will absorb the colostrum before it soaks through clothing.