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    Autism Symptoms Reversed with Healthy Gut Bacteria from Breast Milk

    A new study of mice from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, has identified a particular bacterium common in human breast milk that is in severely short supply in the offspring of female mice fed a high-fat diet (HFD) during pregnancy and lactation.  The offspring exhibited symptoms of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) until the missing bacterium was introduced into their micr ... more »

    Preemie Brains Thrive on Breast Milk

      By Sandy Hemphill, Contributing Writer, BabyMed   ... more »

    Low Milk Supply Linked to Maternal Diabetes

    Women who have any form of diabetes during pregnancy may face a low milk supply that cuts short their breastfeeding plans, according to a recently published study from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  The study did not differentiate between type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes but compared new mothers who had diabetes during pregnancy with new mothers not diabetic d ... more »

    10 Things Nobody Told You About Breastfeeding

    You already know that breastfeeding is the best way to feed a baby.  It provides the highest degree of just-right-for-baby nutrition and both mothers and babies will reap lifelong benefits from nursing.  You may know women who’ve tried and eventually gave up before the child was weaning age.  Some women choose not to breastfeed and others simply cannot, for reasons that are nobody’s business bu ... more »

    First Bite: Learning to Eat

      By Sandy Hemphill, Contributing Writer, BabyMed   ... more »

    IBM Delivers: Traveling Moms' Breast Milk Ships Home Free

    IBM has recently announced a novel new approach for integrating work and family needs: breastfeeding female employees who travel on company business can have their breast milk shipped home for free. ... more »

    Milk Banks and Donor Moms Save Lives

    I recently got to tour the Mother’s Milk Bank Northeast. What an inspiring field trip for someone who is fascinated by all things lactation! ... more »

    New Graduate Breastfeeds Baby; Photo Stirs Controversy

    The big surprise came later, when Thurman posted the photo of herself breastfeeding on graduation day to Black Women Do Breastfeed, an advocacy group that encourages black women to breastfeed. ... more »

    Gestational Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome Can Limit Milk Supply During Lactation

    The subject of each study was limited milk production in lactating women with insulin-related medical disorders. ... more »

    Breast Microbiota Different from the Rest of the Body

    A recent Canadian study discovered that the microbiota of the female breast is unique, consisting of a population mix that appears nowhere else on the rest of the body. ... more »

    Latch: Window Decals Identify Breastfeeding-Friendly NYC Restaurants

    Move over, Zagat and Michellin. Latch has come to town. The Latch campaign uses a rating system to identify breastfeeding-friendly restaurants and supplies window decals to those most accommodating. ... more »

    Dental Care for Breastfeeding Babies Prevents Tooth Decay

    The findings of a recent study on breastfeeding and childhood dentalhealth indicate a connection between long-term breastfeeding ' two years or longer ' and the child's increased risk for tooth decay. ... more »

    Higher IQ in Breastfed Babies May Be All About Mom

    A higher IQ and better grades in school have long been associated with breastfed babies but a new study suggests it's more likely about the mom, instead. ... more »

    Delta Airline’s (Lack of) Breastfeeding Policy Unleashes Twitterstorm

    Lindsay Jaynes was just trying to be a responsible, informed mother to her 10-week-old son when she sent a tweet to the Delta Airlines Twitter account asking about their breastfeeding policy. ... more »

    Animal Moms Produce Gender-Specific Milk, Do Humans?

    Female rhesus monkeys produce a different formulation of breast milk to feed their daughters than they do to feed their sons. Mama cows do the same thing. ... more »

    17 Weeks Breast Milk, No Solids, Slashes Baby’s Food Allergy Risk

    Seventeen seems to be the magic number to best protect a baby against the development of food allergies. A recent British study found that babies who are fed only breast milk until at least 17 weeks old are less likely to develop food allergies by age 2. ... more »

    Is It Possible That Breastfeeding Could be A Deterrent to Autism?

    It is just a hypothesis. But breastfeeding may deter the development of autism later in life, according to a recent article published in the medical journal, Medical Hypotheses. ... more »

    Why Baby Foods Aren’t Suitable for Weaning

    Many babies go safely from breast milk straight to solid foods with no trouble. A recent study supports this method and suggests that parents should try a strict milk-based diet until their little ones are ready for solid food. ... more »

    Breast Milk Sold on Internet May be Tainted

    Breast milk purchased over the internet could make babies sick, according to a new study. Researchers found high amounts of bacteria in most of the samples they purchased through two internet companies. ... more »

    Newborn and Baby: Month 1

    Prior to giving birth you likely read tons of articles and books on how to care for a newborn and how to be the perfect new parent, but reality is far different from the planning process. ... more »

    Breastfeeding Adapts to Provide Beneficial Stomach Bacteria

    All of my sisters started breastfeeding their children right away. Some of them stuck with it longer than the others for one reason or another, but they all made the choice to start out with breast milk because they wanted to give their children all the nutrients they could. ... more »

    Baby Food Lacking Nutritional Content Infants Need

    According to research completed in 2012, the majority of commercial baby food is sweet and lacking the nutrition infants need when weaning from the breast. ... more »

    Could Breast Milk Save Preemies from Fatal Intestinal Difficulties?

    Digestion issues are not uncommon for infants because they are very new to the whole eating process after all. However, there are some times when digestion and intestinal issues can become deadly serious. ... more »

    Can I Still Breastfeed When I Return to Work?

    If you are a breastfeeding mother who is planning to return to work, you are probably wondering if you can continue to breastfeed your baby while working. ... more »

    Possible Culprit of Low Breast Milk Supply is Identified

    New research is shedding light on why some breastfeeding women have alow milk supply. Insulin, the hormone that transports sugar from thebloodstream to the body's cells, may play an important role. ... more »

    Infant Formula May Support Breastfeeding Duration

    Breastfeeding is the healthiest option for most infants. Mothers who want to breastfeed are often advised to start breastfeeding from birth in the hospital and to avoid using commercial infant formulas at all costs to prevent confusion. ... more »

    Human Breast Milk May Hold the Key to Curing Antibiotic Resistance

    Antibiotic resistance is only increasing, but researchers believe theyhave found the key to brining antibiotic-resistant strains back undercontrol ' HAMLET. ... more »

    Using Formula Early Could Increase Your Chances of Breastfeeding Longer

    Because so many mothers are unable to breastfeed for as long as they want, there is a lot of research about ways to help mothers produce more milk for a longer duration. ... more »

    Can Breastfeeding Improve Your Baby’s Brain Growth?

    Breastfeeding has been a hot topic for women since instant formula was created. Some women think that breastfeeding is the only way to go. Some think that it’s good for the first few months, but then formula can used, and some women only ever use formula. ... more »

    Breast Milk, Fatty Acids and Maternal Smoking

    Based on evidence collected by researchers at the Medical University of Gdansk, maternal smoking affects the fatty acid profile of breast milk. The results of the study were published in the journal Acta Paediatrica. ... more »

    Why You May Have to Stop Breastfeeding

    My older and younger sisters have each taken very different approaches to breastfeeding in regards to duration. However, they both had that choice. Unfortunately, some women are forced to stop breastfeeding due to elements outside of their control. ... more »

    Most Common Food and Nutrition Myths During Breastfeeding

    New moms have the go-ahead to pop the cork off that celebratory champagne once the baby is born. The key to drinking alcohol during breastfeeding is to control portion size and have the correct timing. ... more »

    A Breast a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

    The last time I mentioned my husband’s allergies, she told me he was not breastfed, but his younger brother was. Could this really explain the difference in how the two men responded to the changing seasons? ... more »

    A Drunk Baby is Not a Happy Baby

    Everyone has at least one thing they judge. It may be shameful, but it is a reality of being human. There is always at least one person who we look at out of the corner of our eyes and think disparaging thoughts. ... more »

    Mobile All You Can Eat Baby Buffet: Stimulating Lactation to Keep Up with Demand

    Pregnancy, childbirth and raising a newborn bring up a multitude of awkward moments for the new mother, especially when she has the unenviable task of listening to the advice of her husband’s grandmother discussing her own experiences with those events. ... more »

    Breast Milk Fortification and Preterm Infants

    Researchers from the University of York recently published a study in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Review on the implications of fortifying breast milk to speed up growth and facilitate neurodevelopment in preterm infants. ... more »

    Only Breast Milk for Six Months Really Means Only Breast Milk for Six Months

    “You have to give your baby a bottle of water every day or he will die!” I will never forget hearing the woman in the subway wailing that sentiment to a young mother trying to subtly breastfeed her tiny newborn. ... more »

    When to Work on Breastfeeding Basics

    From the first weeks after conception, the breasts are naturallypreparing for breastfeeding. While the body is taking care of the basics, you'll need time to prepare for the art of breastfeeding. ... more »

    Beer for Breastfeeding?

    After nine months of abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy, it may come as a shock to new moms when an alcoholic beverage is actually recommended during breastfeeding. ... more »

    Breast Milk Overflow? Consider Donating to the NICU

    For many mothers who welcome their babies into the world ahead of schedule, ensuring that their tiny miracles get enough to eat can be an incredible challenge. For the youngest of the preemies, their digestive systems are not even developed enough to process milk. ... more »

    The Ultimate Take-Out Meal: The Real Deal behind Extended Breastfeeding

    I have become fairly accustomed to seeing women breastfeeding their babies in public. I never really noticed it before my sister was pregnant. She was given an assortment of breastfeeding accessories at her baby shower. ... more »

    Fertility Drugs and Breastfeeding

    Fertility drugs are not commonly used by breastfeeding women so there is very little information on safety and efficacy. It is not known if drugs like Clomid, HCG, FSH and other fertility drugs pass to baby in breast milk. ... more »

    Reasons for Earlier Than Desired Cessation of Breastfeeding

    Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have published the results of a breastfeeding survey in the journal Pediatrics. Breastfeeding mothers, nearly 1,200 in all, were followed for a period of one year. ... more »

    Does Pregnancy Affect Breast Milk Production?

    There is a good chance your breast milk supply will decrease during pregnancy. Some women notice a change in the first few months and others in the second trimester. ... more »

    Does Ovulation Change While Breastfeeding?

    Your ovulation cycles will change while breastfeeding. The pituitary gland releases prolactin when you breastfeed. Prolactin stimulates milk production. ... more »

    Breastfeeding: Sore Nipples

    At some point in breastfeeding, most mothers are bound to experience nipple pain. Nipple pain can be associated with something as simple as improper latching, or as serious as mastitis or thrush. ... more »

    Breastfeeding: Plugged Milk Ducts

    Milk ducts are present in breast tissue at birth, but are unused until puberty when hormonal changes cause milk ducts to grow. During pregnancy, milk ducts are activated and milk production begins. ... more »