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Pregnant Breastfeeding: Is Breastfeeding During Pregnancy Safe?

Breastfeeding is considered healthiest option for baby and can be continued for more than one year. Back to back pregnancies can mean mom is still breastfeeding one child while pregnant with another. ... more »
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Autism Symptoms Reversed with Healthy Gut Bacteria from Breast Milk

A new study of mice from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, has identified a particular bacterium common in human breast milk that is in severely short supply in the offspring of female mice fed a high-fat diet (HFD) during pregnancy and lactation.  The offspring exhibited symptoms of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) until the missing bacterium was introduced into their micr ... more »
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Preemie Brains Thrive on Breast Milk

  By Sandy Hemphill, Contributing Writer, BabyMed   ... more »
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Low Milk Supply Linked to Maternal Diabetes

Women who have any form of diabetes during pregnancy may face a low milk supply that cuts short their breastfeeding plans, according to a recently published study from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  The study did not differentiate between type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes but compared new mothers who had diabetes during pregnancy with new mothers not diabetic d ... more »
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10 Things Nobody Told You About Breastfeeding

You already know that breastfeeding is the best way to feed a baby.  It provides the highest degree of just-right-for-baby nutrition and both mothers and babies will reap lifelong benefits from nursing.  You may know women who’ve tried and eventually gave up before the child was weaning age.  Some women choose not to breastfeed and others simply cannot, for reasons that are nobody’s business bu ... more »
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First Bite: Learning to Eat

  By Sandy Hemphill, Contributing Writer, BabyMed   ... more »
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IBM Delivers: Traveling Moms' Breast Milk Ships Home Free

IBM has recently announced a novel new approach for integrating work and family needs: breastfeeding female employees who travel on company business can have their breast milk shipped home for free. ... more »