Sweating after giving birth is a good thing as it means your pregnancy hormones are finally working to return you to your pre-pregnancy self!

Causes of Sweating Postpartum

During pregnancy the female body tends to retain a lot of fluid. Most pregnant women see this fluid in the lower half of their body or face. After giving birth, the same hormones that helped you retain fluids throughout your pregnancy, help you get rid of a all that extra fluid. Your hormones will shed the extra fluid in any way it can so you can expect to urinate more often and sweat profusely from time to time.

Important Facts About Sweating Postpartum

Sweating after giving birth is, by no means, a safety issue. However, that doesn't mean that it isn't very uncomfortable.

Treatment for Sweating Postpartum

Though it may sound counterproductive, drinking more water can help ease sweating as it pushes the fluid out through urination instead of the skin. Drinking also helps to combat dehydration which can lead to other health problems, so drinking more water is the best solution across the board!

At night, placing a towel under your body to prevent sheets and bed linens from becoming soaked. A fan placed on your side of the bed may also help to ease your sweating. Baby powder can be used to stop friction that may cause a rash. But, if you're using baby powder, make it's it's made of 100% corn starch and not talc as talc has been shown to have negative effects on your body.