In season 10 premiere of 'Keeping Up with The Kardashians,' we find out that Kim Kardashian is trying hard for another child.

After a trip to the bathroom, Kim joins Khloé Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian and nonchalantly drops the home pregnancy test done from her urine on the table. The pregnancy test is POSITIVE.

Turns out that despite the positive urine pregnancy test Kim Kardashian is actually NOT PREGNANT. She has a false positive pregnancy test. A false positive pregnancy test is a pregnancy test, usually a urine test but it can also be a blood test, that's positive but there is no pregnancy. In Kim's case, her pregnancy test is false positive because she received an hCG injection of the pregnancy hormone hCG to help with ovulation.

hCG is the pregnancy hormone; it is usually produced by the placenta and indicates a pregnancy. In certain circumstances, an hCG injection is given to help with ovulation, and it's usually given just shortly before presumed ovulation. But if you get an hCG shot to induce ovulation, the pregnancy test will be false positive for some time, usually up to 8-10 days, but it does not mean you are pregnant. It's falsely positive.

To find out if you are pregnant, you can do several blood pregnancy tests in a row. If the blood hCG level is rising normally, then this will will confirm the pregnancy. Read more HERE about a false positive pregnancy test. 

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