A person who has both female and male chromosomes pairs (47XXY, 46XX/46XY, 46XX/47XXY or 45X/XY mosaic) can also have both testicular and ovarian tissue. Previously, these persons were diagnosed as "hermaphrodites" but the nomenclature should be changed: There is no complete consensus yet which terminology to use, but **disorders of sex development**, abbreviated **DSDs**, or intersex are being discussed.

There are many variations and some hermaphrodites have more male genitalia while others have the opposite.

Whether an intersex person could get pregnant and carry the pregnancy and have a baby depends mostly whether they have a more complete set of reproductive organs. So if there is a fully functioning uterus and ovaries, then it's theoretically possible to get pregnant and have a baby.

However, most if not all true intersex persons have incomplete reproductive organs and a pregnancy would be rare.

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