Feeling tiredness during pregnancy is one of the first complaints a newly pregnant mother has. This fatigue can be rooted in a variety of body changes and emotional stresses associated with pregnancy. The new mother has to deal with the anxiety surrounding pregnancy and new motherhood in addition to the hormonal and physical changes happening in the body. If the mom does not take notice of the tiredness during pregnancy, exhaustion can occur and that is not healthy for mom or baby.

When Does the Tiredness During Pregnancy Let Up?

The extreme tiredness will last for most of the first trimester. These are the months when the female body is making the most changes. As the second trimester approaches the swift growth moves from mom's body to baby's body and the tiredness during pregnancy tends to be replaced with a more active daily energy level.

The tiredness during pregnancy will return, however, at the end of the pregnancy. From the 7th month of gestation on, mom's body will begin to show signs of wear and tear. The legs will start to cramp, swelling makes the body uncomfortable, the belly places pressure on the back causing pain and baby is moving all the time. Even when mom can find a comfortable spot without physical aches and pains, there is the pregnancy heartburn to deal with.

How to Increase Energy Levels During Pregnancy

Unlike other times in life, a huge cup of coffee or caffeine pill is not the safest choice to decrease tiredness during pregnancy. Instead, mom will need to follow a few tips to get all the rest she needs.

  • Sleep at least 8 hours a night. Many people can live on 5 to 6 hours of sleep a night. Even if this was the case before pregnancy, it is not the case during pregnancy. The baby's growth takes quite a toll on mom's body and the revitalization of sleep is about more than feeling refreshed. It is now about rebuilding the body's defenses and core structures.
  • Silent time is essential. Fighting that afternoon nap everyday is not the way to convince the body to stop the tiredness during pregnancy. If you are tired, try making time for some quite space at least one time every week. This time should be child free, pet free and spouse free. Turn off the phone and the TV and take a nap just like when you were little.
  • Increase food intake - decrease processed food intake. Yes, we all love a great burger from a fast food restaurant, but the body does not need that kind of caloric support during pregnancy. The body needs long lasting whole grains and fruits to supply energy on a continuous basis. Better foods lead to better energy over the long haul.
  • Increase exercise. This one may sound counterproductive, but exercise feeds the body energy. Tiredness during pregnancy can be easily flipped to energy during pregnancy with the addition of a walk every morning or every evening after dinner.
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