Does your diet and lifestyle promote good fertility?

Keeping your body healthy is the best way to ensure good fertility, barring any existing medical conditions. Being at your best health before you get pregnant will help ensure a smoother pregnancy and labor and delivery. 

Eating plan

Sure you know you should follow a healthy diet but what exactly does that mean. You need to get sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals daily but you also need to get the proper protein, fruits, and vegetables. Folic acid is also vital.

Beyond eating

Just as important as what you eat is what you do not eat. Is it safe to eat seafood and kee your coffee habit alive and well or do you need to cut down? How much alcohol can you consume? Is it ever OK to smoke? What vitamins do you need and how much should you be taking even before you get pregnant.

Having a nutritious diet and lifestyle are essential to maximize your fertility and to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Take this quiz created by Dr. Amos Grunebaum and see how much you know about how diet and lifestyle can affect your fertility.