When you hear you are having twins, many questions may pop up in your mind pretty quickly: How often are twins born? What different kind of twins are there? What are monozygotic twins? What are dizygotic twins? How many twins share the same placenta? Do all identical twins have one placenta?

The process of conception does not always stop at one baby. A pregnancy of more than one fetus at the same time is called a multiple pregnancy. While the majority of multiple pregnancies refer to twin/triplets, with the increase in the use of fertility drugs, multiples have been growing in number in recent years. Twins can occur when one fertilized egg splits or when two eggs have been fertilized by separate sperms.

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Dizygotic twins/trizygotic triplets (fraternal or non-identical) are created when a female releases more than one egg or ovulates two or three times and all eggs are fertilized. Monozygotic (maternal/identical) twins or triplets are created if one egg is released, only one sperm fertilizes the egg, and the egg splits into multiple embryos.

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