Rosie Pope MaternityThere is immense pressure these days to not only look fabulous during pregnancy but to feel fabulous. We see and read countless articles about yet another hot pregnant celebrity and how they are still feeling sexy through their pregnancy. Sure, some pregnant women are blessed with the desire to throw on a lacey nightie and get intimate with their partner, but the rest of us are just plagued with bizarre sex dreams about individuals we normally find completely unspeakable! 


Whether we actually manage to get saucy throughout our pregnancies or not is a matter for the health of our relationships and how we best manage that together. Feeling sexy, however, even if you are not getting sexy, is still very important! And let's face it, if you are feeling sexy then the latter is way more likely to happen! So why, other than the obvious reason, is it important to feel sexy at least some of the time when you are pregnant? I think because its about continuing the notion that you are still you and when you are feeling like you, and that includes feeling sexy, you feel good about you - feeling good is a top priority in pregnancy. So, short of running out to La Perla, here are some tips to help you feel sexy through fashion, most importantly for our own well-being (and of course, that someone special!):

  1. Embrace your new curves: Accepting and learning to enjoy your new body is the first major key. There is nothing less sexy than a woman that hates her body and carries it that way. These curves are growing for a reason, a great reason - to support this growth of your baby your body needs to gain weight. So be proud of what you are doing and know these curves don't have to last forever; enjoy this new body for a while. Confidence is very sexy!
  2. Dress your new curves: Don't hide them with countless layers of excessive amounts of fabric. Instead choose the ones you are most fond of and highlight them. Perhaps you have a new, more bodacious bust, then wear a lower neck line! Hips and a new derriere? Try some spanx and a tighter cinched style.
  3. No more sucking in that gut: There is nothing more stressful when you have that slinky dress on than having to suck in your belly all the time; the anxiety doesn't exactly promote a relaxed and elegant look! Well, I have good news for you because being pregnant finally means you can let it hang out and be proud of it. I find styles I'd never dream of wearing pre-pregnancy, I suddenly feel more comfortable in because I don't mind if you see my belly.
  4. Nourish yourself: Quite simply, being angry and nauseus because you haven't eaten enough good for you food is not appealing to anyone
  5. Stay active: Just because you're pregnant, doesn't mean you have to let everything go! Staying active keeps those other areas of the your body more toned and exercise always promotes a feeling of confidence and sexiness.

You are not going to feel sexy all the time, but by following these 5 key steps, you should feel sexy a little more often. The main thing to take on, however, is that this shouldn't make you feel pressured (i.e. another superwoman thing to add to the growing list!) This is about feeling better for YOU, because you feeling better about YOU, is always what you and your baby need.

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