The missionary style is the most common sexual position, but it is also the base for many varieties of other positions. The Victory is simple to perform, but adds a bit of flare to the standard missionary style. The female lies on her back and raises her legs into the air in a V shape. The male mounts her with his knees on the bed and the weight of his upper body supported on his arms. Her hands may be free or used to help support the legs by holding the thighs.

Pros of the Victory Sexual Position – The Victory sexual position can be changed up to create new and exciting positions quite easily. Variations include the male being upright, on his knees and grabbing the legs or ankles of the female. Victory also works for couples with large height differences.

Cons of the Victory Sexual Position – Victory is very similar to missionary and thus may seem boring for many couples. Her legs may grow tired after a short while in the air.

Tips for the Victory Sexual Position – Victory is better thought of as a starting point for the imagination. She can roll over on one side, close her legs or bend the knees, all creating difference angles to the vagina. If her legs grow tired, the male can support some of the weight by holding onto her legs from an upright position.