Contrary to common stereotypes, there are men out there who may want to skip sex for a variety of reasons. Hollywood and relationship myths typically lead us to believe that women are the ones who make up reasons to skip out on bedroom activities, but this is simply not true. The following are the most common reasons that a man may not want to have sex:


Too tired to have sex

More than 50% of men surveyed admitted to using "being tired" as a reason to skip sex with their partner. Being tired, or needing sleep, is a common cause for people in a long term relationship to skip sex. While this is commonly accepted as being a part of life, sex does not impede sleep and can actually help the body to calm down and enter into deep sleep more easily. So, the next time you are too tired for sex gentlemen, give her a few moments of your time and the time you spend sleeping will be far more refreshing.

Poor health

Being sick or not feeling well, including headaches and physical reactions to stress, is the number two reason men give for not having sex. When real health problems exist, such as a case of the flu or some medically treated condition, putting off sex may be the best solution. However, when headaches are an everyday thing due to stress at work or home, putting off sex could actually make matters worse. Sex allows the body to release stress which can help to cure that headache caused by the boss's demands.

Just not feeling like having sex

Not being in the mood is supposed to be a reason reserved for women, but according to recent studies men also use mood as an excuse not to have sex. Some men and women believe sex should be natural and desire immediate. This is rarely, if ever, the case. Sexual mood is built up over time, so if you are not feeling in the mood maybe it is because you are not working with your partner to feel more sexual.

Children and pets are in the way

Okay, having children does play a major part in a couple’s sex life, but it is not a reason to skip out on sex. Early in the morning or late at night are the perfect times to “hit the sack,” so to speak. If children are school aged, there is nothing wrong with spending the entire day in bed together just cuddling and being intimate. Pets, on the other hand, play an interesting role in the household. Some pet parents allow their pooches or kitties to sleep in bed with them. This co-bedding can result in a reduced sex life. Instead of using a pet as a reason to skip out on sex, either put them out of the room or have sex with them in the room. Believe me, they are not going to talk to the neighbors about your sex life.