How To Boost Male Libido

When trying to combat low libido, men often turn to medications and prescription treatments to increase sex drive and erection time. While these treatments may work in some cases, they often dismiss the root cause of many issues related to normal male sex drive. As time moves on in a relationship, the frequency of sexual encounters can lessen and with that reduced intimacy can come less drive to have sex.

Mental and emotional issues

Men and women naturally have different drives for sex at different times. The cause of a lower sex drive may not be a lack of desire to have sex, but rather an issue of self-confidence. If the man believes his penis is smaller than other men or that he is not pleasing his partner the way he should, he may have issues with his self-esteem, and that might prevent libido from reaching its full capacity. Dealing with these self-esteem issues is the first step in the right direction to dealing with low libido.

Why Does Great Sex Seem So Unattainable?

The hormone push

Having more sex may actually help to combat low libido levels. There is a hormone push that occurs after sex, and intercourse and ejaculation can lead to increased hormone levels in the blood. These increased levels can last for several days which means men will want to have more sex. Having more sex will lead to increased libido and the solution remains cyclical.

Sex drive can be compared to the wonderful smell of coffee after dinner. When the pot is in the kitchen and the host asks if anyone wants a cup, maybe one or two people will agree. But when the coffee is poured and the scent fills the air, more people will want a cup because the scent is so appealing. The same goes for sex. The thought of sex may not increase the libido, but the act of sex or foreplay leading up to intercourse may.

Relationship issues

In long-term relationships, anger and heated discussions can also play a key role in sex drive. When a couple fights, the body instantly reverts to a defensive stance. With anger flying through the air, thinking about sex is out of the question. If these fights or discussions occur on a regular basis, the couple may need to seek out counseling to find a common ground that reduces the anger in the relationship. Once the anger is taken care of, other emotions, like lust, can come out and play.

A low libido may also be attributed to medications, stress, or simply everyday life choices. There is no reason why a couple should feel anxious about the number of times they have sex a week, month, or year. There are no averages to compete with, just one relationship, one couple, and one sex life.

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