While you may want to enjoy a night out at an amusement park while you are pregnant, it is advisable that you stay away from harsh rides including bumper cars. Without a doubt bumper cars can be fun, but the fact of the matter is that bumper cars are not safe for you or your baby during your pregnancy, and here’s why:

Bumper Car During PregnancyA jolt on a bumper car can be similar to a low impact car accident. While your baby is cushioned by a certain amount of fluids in your uterus, this is no full proof protection against the jolt of a quick stop that bumper cars imitate. What’s even worse is that if you are in a bumper car you can get hit from all sides at multiple times. You will not be the only one who is getting bounced from side to side, your baby will too, and this can cause serious injury to your baby.

Even early on in your pregnancy riding bumper cars is not safe. The stress to your body as it is dealing with a new pregnancy can cause nausea and dizziness to you, and injury to your newly developing baby. In addition, your back, neck, and pelvis muscles are under more strain from the extra weight of the baby; the last thing that your body needs is a bumper car experience.

Play it safe during your pregnancy, and stay away from amusement park rides that will jostle and bounce your body and your baby. While these rides are fun, it is simply not worth the risk to your baby and you. Bumper cars should be completely avoided throughout your entire pregnancy. You can always enjoy the amusement rides after your pregnancy; then you will be able to appreciate your ride without worrying about your baby.

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