eye change pregnancy

Increased fluid retention and volume in the body during pregnancy can cause a build-up of fluid behind the eyes, which may cause you to have blurry vision.

Blurry vision and dry eyes are common during pregnancy. Some women may feel the need to get a stronger prescription of lenses or contacts, but that is just a waste of money as vision changes often subside after giving birth and can often fluctuate throughout the day.

Causes of vision changes during pregnancy

Those pregnancy hormones are at it again! During pregnancy the fluid production in the tear ducts is reduced which should mean less crying, but that is not the case; there are only fewer tears to cry. Increased fluid retention and volume in the body can also cause a build-up of fluid behind the eyes, which may affect vision.

Important facts about vision changes during pregnancy

Vision changes in pregnancy are normal for most women, but most often only cause slight vision problems. If vision is impaired severely, there could be a problem with high blood pressure or gestational diabetes, so your doctor should be made aware of any severe vision changes.

Treatment for vision changes during pregnancy

New prescriptions are not needed during pregnancy, as eyes will return to normal after giving birth. Contact wearers may need to switch to glasses for a short period of time, however, due to decreased tear production and dry eyes. Corrective surgery during pregnancy is prohibited, as over-correction can be a problem. Vision changes can last for six months or more after giving birth, so wait about a year before looking into eye correction surgery.

Dry eyes can be treated with a simple saline solution commonly used by contact lens wearers.

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