Science of getting pregnant

Getting pregnant can come easy to some but for many others, it is a challenge. Yet, regardless of how long you've been trying, whether you have tried at all or are just contemplating having a baby, knowledge is key in any endeavor. The more you know about the science of getting pregnant, the better chance you will have at success.

Fertility questions

Even before you start trying to get pregnant, you may have questions. Between what you have (incorrectly) heard on online or from friends, you may not be entirely sure what is true and what isn't when it comes to conceiving. Of course, your first go-to should be your doctor for all medical advice and instruction who can answer the many questions you may have, such as: Does being in optimal physical condition guarantee good fertility? Does being overweight lessen your chances of getting pregnant? How does birth control affect a woman's fertility? Do irregular periods affect the chances of pregnancy?

Lifestyle changes and modifications can help boost a woman's and a man's fertility so getting the facts about reproduction is the first step. Then you will be armed with the knowledge to do all you can to have a happy and healthy baby.

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