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Trying To Conceive (TTC) - How To Get Pregnant Faster

    Trying to conceive (TTC) and getting pregnant can sometimes be more difficult than expected. While you probably got many lessons in high school and college about how not to conceive, no one gives you lessons on how to conceive and improve your chances of getting pregnant until you're ready to try or have already been trying. Click HERE to find out how to improve your fertility in 7 steps.

    Did you have a negative pregnancy test but think you may be pregnant? Read HERE to find out your chances of being pregnant after a negative pregnancy test. Also check out our extensive list of of "Am I Pregnant?" FAQs and TOP 20 TTC FAQs in order to turn all of your important questions into answers. 

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    Improve Your Fertility NOW

    1. Make His Sperm Healthier First
    2. How can I improve my chances of getting pregnant?
    3. The 3 Periconception Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy
    4. Tests to do Before You Get Pregnant
    5. 7 Relaxation Tips When Trying to Conceive (TTC)
    6. FertilAid FAQs- To Help You Improve Your Fertility Health
    7. FertilAid - Order it HERE

    Pregnancy Testing, hCG & Pregnancy Diagnosis

    1. When does the pregnancy test usually become positive?
    2. All hCG information on one page
    3. What are normal hCG levels in pregnancy?
    4. What is hCG and what do I need to know about it? 
    5. Is it possible to have a false-positive pregnancy test?
    6. When is the earliest a pregnancy can be seen on ultrasound?
    7. Can you diagnose on the BBT when the fertilized egg implants? How about a pregnancy?
    8. My HPT is negative on 13 DPO. Could I still be pregnant?
    9. CD 26 and typical pregnancy signs. Could I be pregnant?
    10. I have a second line on the HPT but it's really faint. Could I be pregnant?
    11. Why are some HPTs positive earlier than others?
    12. What could the reasons be for cramps and cramping?

    How Likely Is It?

    1. How long does it take to get pregnant?
    2. What are my chances having a baby?
    3. What are my odds getting pregnant each month?
    4. How does the amount of making love affect my chances getting pregnant? 


    1. When does the fertilized egg implant?
    2. When does implantation bleeding happen?
    3. Does implantation bleeding always happen?
    4. Implantation signs and symptoms

    Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

    1. What is the earliest I can feel pregnancy signs and what are typical early pregnancy signs?
    2. What are my chances of being pregnant with these symptoms?
    3. I ovulated last week and now I feel nauseous and tired. Could these be the first signs of pregnancy?
    4. How can I tell from the cervical mucus (CM) if I am pregnant?  
    5. What is the function of progesterone?

    Menstrual Period

    1. I missed my period but my pregnancy test is negative. What could be going on?
    2. Could I be pregnant even though I have a regular period?
    3. I have long menstrual cycles, sometimes they last 40 days or more. What's going on?

    Can I do this? How safe is this?

    1. Can I sleep on my back during pregnancy?
    2. Can I eat fish?
    3. Can I color my hair?
    4. Can I drink coffee?
    5. Can I eat soft cheese?
    6. Can I have dental X-rays?
    7. Can I eat meat and raw meat during pregnancy?

    Sex & Timing

    1. When am I most fertile, when is my fertile window?
    2. How often should we make love, every day or every other day?
    3. Once, twice or more during the fertile day?
    4. Likelihood of pregnancy when making love in relation to ovulation

    Fertility Awareness and Charting

    1. Getting started with temperature charting
    2. Why chart your temperature?
    3. What is my first cycle day?
    4. What is a biphasic temperature curve?
    5. What does a triphasic curve mean?
    6. How can I find out whether and when I ovulate and whether I am ovulating normally?
    7. What does the "probability" mean in the expert evaluation? 
    8. How do we find out the best day to have sex and improve our chances of conceiving?
    9. How do I take my basal body temperature?
    10. Could the temperature drop in my BBT chart mean that I am pregnant?
    11. Frequency of Sex During the Six Fertile Days and the Probability of Pregnancy
    12. Is too much sex a problem when we TTC?
    13. Cervical mucus: How long before ovulation does the CM become stretchy?

    Sperms, Spermanalysis, and other sperm-related questions

    1. How long can sperm survive?
    2. Sperm survival and life after ejaculation
    3. How do we do a spermanalysis, a sperm count?
    4. What are the normal values in a spermanalysis?
    5. What are those strange names given in my spermanalysis?

    Getting Pregnant - When?

    1. How long after stopping the pill is is safe until I can get pregnant?


    1. What causes a miscarriage?
    2. Am I more fertile after a miscarriage?
    3. How long after my miscarriage does it take to get pregnant again?
    4. After a miscarriage when is it safe to get pregnant again?