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When is the Best Time and Timing To Get Pregnant?

The best time to get pregnant and have sex intercourse is the so-called "fertile fertility window." The fertile fertility window extends for 6 days starting at 5 days before ovulation until the day of ovulation. Your most fertile days are the 1-2 days before and the day of ovulation. Calculate the Fertility Window HERE

Many studies have been published over the years in the attempt to understand the factors that influence fertility and the process of conception.

When is the best time to get pregnant?

The fertile window which is the best time to get pregnant has been defined as the days of the menstrual cycle during which intercourse is most likely to result in pregnancy. This fertile window extends for 6 days starting at 5 days before ovulation until the day of ovulation. Your   fertile days are the 4-5 days before and the day of ovulation, but the most fertile days are just the 2 days before and the day of ovulation.

Pregnancy Timing

Sexual intercourse the day after established ovulation is unlikely to improve your chances getting pregnant. and chances getting pregnant if you make love after ovulation is nearly zero.

Increasing amounts of estrogen in the cervical mucus and reproductive tract of a women approaching ovulation generally allows the sperm to live for up to 6 days.

Does timing of  intercourse improve your pregnancy chances?

Studies have shown that even in women with regular cycles, ovulation can possibly happen any time, so "timing" of intercourse and trying to answer the question when is the best time to get pregnant has never been shown to significantly improve your pregnancy chances. You are probably not improving your chances of getting pregnant if you wait with intercourse until the temperature goes up or the OPK has become positive. You may already have ovulated by that time, and sex after ovulation is unlikely to get you pregnant.

Every day versus every other day?

Fertility Window

Couples who tried to get pregnant were previously told to have sex once every other day during their fertile days. Recent studies have shown that for the average couple who is trying to conceive the best time to get pregnant is that they  should make love regularly 2-3 times a week, every week because you don't know exactly when ovulation happens.

In addition, you may improve your chances if you have sex once a day (as long as his sperm are OK) during the fertile 4-5 days prior to, and the day

of, ovulation. In those rare circumstances when the man does not have enough sperm (oligospermia), the old rule of once every other day still holds true.

Sex during fertile days: % Pregnancy

  • Sex every day: 37% Pregnancy
  • Sex every other day: 33% Pregnancy
  • Sex once a week: 15% Pregnancy

From: "Timing of Sexual Intercourse in Relation to Ovulation -- Effects on the Probability of Conception, Survival of the Pregnancy, and Sex of the Baby" was published in The New England Journal of Medicine (December 7, 1995 -- Vol. 333, No. 23). Allen J. Wilcox, Clarice R. Weinberg, Donna D. Bair

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By: Dr-Amos On: Mar 20, 2006  4:28AM

When is the best time to make love?

Amos Grunebaum, MD New York, NY
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By: hopefulpete On: Sep 17, 2006  11:42AM

My cycles run 28 days. I took clomid CD3-7 and planning an upcoming IUI. I'm on CD12. Dr. did u/s last month on CD12 and said I was ready for my IUI and adminstered HCG injection and I had my IUI the same day.... My question is... The Dr. said I didn't need u/s and more and just to use OPK with HCG. Should I take my HCG injection on CD12 to ovulate by the 14th or should I just wait for a +OPK then administer HCG?

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By: Snow007 On: Sep 20, 2007  8:29AM

Hello, I have been trying to conceive now for 4 months. My husband and I are very frustrated because we try to cover our fertility window and seem to have been doing "everything right". I have been taking prenatal vitamins for 3 months, stopped smoking, cut down on caffeine and alcohol and so on. I have been using an OPK every month since July, but yet, no sign of a positive pregnancy test. Do you think it is time for us to see our doctor? I appreciate your response.

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By: Teresa71 On: Jul 8, 2008  7:15AM

Hi, I am 37 and I just had my tubes reversed from a tubal. I had 7 inches on one side and 7 1/2 on the other side. We have been trying for over 4 months now and are still not pregnant. I know it takes time but with my daughter I was on the pill and my son I had the arm inplants removed and was told it would take up to a year and I was pregnant in 3 months. Is there anyone out there who has had the procedure done and are pregnant now?... I need a little hope or direction because I am extremly discouraged.

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By: jane06sq On: Jan 13, 2009  10:54AM

You can use special computer programs to find the days when you are not fertile taking into account possible variations in your menstrual cycle. I've used one of such programs - "Advanced Woman Calendar" for 3 month. It supports Basal Body Temperature tracking. You can enter your temperature and program will give you all suggestions. You can read about it at Also you can try another program - "Gegamon Menstrual Calendar".

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By: LANGGA On: Feb 12, 2009  8:18PM

Hi im Devalyn! I am 22 years old, married and have no child. I and my partner wants to have a baby, but until now we have'nt. What should we do?

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By: Yas On: Mar 12, 2009  9:22PM

Hi, iam 36 years old, married three months back but still i am getting pregnant. i feeling very hard.

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By: Yas On: Mar 12, 2009  9:23PM

Hi, iam 36 years old, married three months back but still i am not getting pregnant. i am feeling very hard. every day we both sex 3 times a day. because my husband is very sex person.

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By: none0909 On: Jun 19, 2009  11:35AM

hi, i'm a 27 yr old, i had my tubes tied over 3 yrs ago. but here lately my tummy has been really tight and my nipples have like white milky dots on them.. could i possibly be pregnant..

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By: Demi On: Jun 20, 2009  12:15PM

Hi! I am 22 and married with one child. My husband and I are trying hopes for a boy. I had my IUD (Mirena) removed on the 1st and my period came two days later. I have been using and OPK and today I think another period has come........does anyone know just how off your period can be after having an IUD (Mirena)? Or just after using birth control period? I intended to keep the Mirena for 5 yrs, but of course, We changed our minds......So I only had it for 8 months......That was my 1st and only time using birth control (other than a condom). So any info. that can be given would be much appreciated.

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