The most frustrating part of raising a baby can be all the screaming. How do you make the upset newborn into a calm newborn? Luck and some good advice is always a good place to start.


The house is peaceful.  It is dark outside and you are asleep.  All of a sudden the wail of the newborn goes off like an alarm.  All you want to do is make it stop so that you can get a little extra sleep. How do you make the upset newborn into a calm newborn?  Well, luck and some good advice is always a good place to start.

The must frustrating part of raising the baby is the screaming.  At times it can push even the most loving parents right over the edge.  Knowing how to best calm that screaming newborn can bring as much relief to the parents as the as to the baby, if not more so to the parents.  After all, everyone knows how important sleep is to an infant, and believe it or not, parents need it too.

One of the best ways to calm an infant is to satisfy its needs as fast as possible.  Believe it or not, babies do not cry just for the fun of it or just to frustrate you.  If the baby is crying, check the diaper and see if he or she is hungry.  If the diaper is dirty, changing that diaper may be the fastest way to a quiet and happy baby.  If the diaper is clean, try feeding the baby.  If that doesn’t work, then the baby may need to be held or rocked because something scared him or her.

Holding a baby and gently rocking the baby is a good method of relaxing the baby.  Burning a lavender candle can help as well, if not for the baby, than for your sanity at least.  If you own a dryer, it is common practice to run the dryer with the baby in a carrying basket on top.  It is either the heat from the dryer or the gentle rocking motion that calms down the baby, but either way it seems to work.  Car rides also seem to have an effect placating the baby if nothing else works.

Generally speaking though, the baby simply needs his or her needs met in order to go from a screaming baby to a calm baby.  If you are having trouble meeting the needs of the baby, consider taking classes on raising babies.  Having the baby checked by a pediatrician can also be a good idea if the baby seems to be crying more than normal.  If the baby is ill, or in pain, then crying is the only way for him to express himself.  Excessive crying can be an indicator of a problem and should be checked out. 

Other ideas for calming a newborn baby include singing to him or talking to him in a quiet tone.  The quiet tone can help to relax the baby who does not yet know how to understand the words that you are saying but is born with an ability to understand most tones.  A reassuring tone can also be used if the baby was scared by something.  If it appears that something in the environment is bothering the baby, removing that item or removing the baby from that environment can instantly correct the crying.

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