Newborns Cry in Mother’s Native Language

      The bond between mothers and babies is a close one, started even before baby’s birth.  Once born, communication between mothers and babies is critical to the baby’s survival.  They must “tell” mom what their physical needs are in the moment and this begins the process of language development. ... more »

    Future Cognitive Development Reflected in Newborn’s Eyes

    A new study suggests there’s more than joy to be found in a newborn’s eyes. A baby’s gaze is a signal of how well his or her visual cognitive abilities will develop throughout early childhood. ... more »

    Ten Tips To Reduce Stress During the Postpartum Period

    Ask for what you need. This is often difficult for new parents, but if friends and family offer to help, ask them for specific favors. ... more »

    Vitamin C Eases Lung Damage in Newborns of Smoking Mothers

    A new study says vitamin C can help reduce newborn lung damage if their mothers were smokers during pregnancy. ... more »

    Newborn-Sized Dialysis Machine Saving Little Lives in Italy

    Kidney problems severe enough to require dialysis affect fewer than 2% of all babies, who need the machines to cleanse toxins from the blood while their kidneys are too weak to do the job themselves. ... more »

    Probiotics No Help for Colicky Babies

    A new study, conducted a little differently than most, indicates that probiotics are actually no help with colicky babies in most cases. ... more »

    Your New Baby and the Affordable Care Act

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was enacted in 2013. Americans have many questions, including how the act affects pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn coverage. ... more »

    10 Ways to Make Breastfeeding Easier on Mom

    Nursing a baby is like any other new endeavor - it takes time to get the hang of it. The first few days - or weeks - of trial and error can be frustrating, painful, and fraught with confusion. ... more »

    A Doctor Explains Why Babies’ Noses Are So Stuffy (It’s Not What You Might Think!)

    A runny nose and stuffed-up head signal a cold in almost everybody but newborns are different. Unexpected symptoms such as a stuffy nose with no discharge can be mystifying. ... more »

    How to Handle a Newborn and a Toddler at the Same Time

    It can be tough to juggle two young children at the same time. Check out a few of these tips for raising a newborn and toddler together without losing your mind. ... more »

    How to Take Your Newborn Places

    After my younger sister gave birth to her daughter, she almost ceased to exist for a few months. I went to her house to see her, but she never went anywhere because she didn’t know how to get around town with a newborn. ... more »

    Thalasso Method: Childbirth So Gentle Babies Seem to Sleep Right Through It

    A maternity nurse in Paris, France, has published a video online that is capturing the hearts of just about everyone who sees it. The video shows twins just moments after birth being gently and lovingly treated to soothing music and a warm bath. ... more »

    Types of Exercises for Your Baby

    Your newborn doesn’t move much yet, but before you know it, they’re be crawling and scooting everywhere. To help your infant get a head start on these activities and to help them improve gross motor skills, try a few simply baby exercises that will: ... more »

    Newborns Aware of Their Own Existence on Day Two

    One question many parents ponder is when does this glorious littleperson know it is indeed a separate and unique human being. When doesthe sense of self come into a baby's existence? ... more »

    Newborns May Get Sick So Beneficial Microbes Can Flourish

    Within the first few months of a baby's life, many parents come to the realization that their new little bundle of joy is sometimes more bundle, less joy. This realization often occurs during long sleepless nights while trying to soothe a fussy or sick baby. ... more »

    Preparing Young Siblings for New Arrival

    One of the nicest things about being pregnant is that when mom is pregnant, the whole family is pregnant, too. Younger children, however, may require a little more time and TLC to get comfortable. ... more »

    Newborn and Baby: Month 12

    This month you will spend quite a bit of time planning baby's firstbirthday party. Take some time to look back on the past 12 months. Youbrought a tiny human being home from the hospital ' completely dependent on you for everything. ... more »

    Newborn and Baby: Month 11

    Every time you turn around there is something else you need to do or another late night call from baby. Fatigue is part of the first year of life, but there are some tricks to help you feel better throughout the day. ... more »

    Newborn and Baby: Month 10

    You're busy, baby's busy ' everyone is busy which means everyone needs a little extra energy. Planning for a trip to the store may seem like anamazing adventure at this point because it feels like baby needs asuitcase full of supplies. ... more »

    Newborn and Baby: Month 9

    As the honeymoon phase of parenting ends you may notice a drastic change in the relationship you have with your partner. The last eight months have been all about baby and your relationship may have suffered for it. ... more »

    Newborn and Baby: Month 8

    By the eighth month, baby is mobile and active and all those lost hours of sleep have been replaced with busy days chasing him around trying to keep him safe and out of trouble. ... more »

    Newborn and Baby: Month 7

    The thrills of being a parent are a daily benefit of caring for baby, but that care takes energy and nearly all of your time. ... more »

    Newborn and Baby: Month 6

    Intimacy is an important part of the parent relationship, but your life has been all about baby for the last six months. That needs to change. Intimacy is difficult with work, life, baby and home, but you can make time with a little planning. ... more »

    Newborn and Baby: Month 5

    With all of the emotional changes and fatigue after having baby you may have left behind your healthy diet and exercise routine. Now is the time to get your body back in action, but you may be surprised by the lingering effects of pregnancy. ... more »

    Newborn and Baby: Month 4

    You've settled into parenthood by now and with the help of a feeding and sleeping schedule, you have mastered motherhood. As baby sleeps longerstretches, you are finally catching up on sleep so fatigue is less of aproblem. ... more »

    Newborn and Baby: Month 3

    You are getting the hang of this parenting thing, but you can'tforget your partner along the way. You have more than enough love foryour partner and your baby, but you need to focus on what's best for you sometimes to be the best mom and partner you can be. ... more »

    Newborn and Baby: Month 2

    Those first few weeks of motherhood fly by and you were expecting to be happy about your newly arrived bundle of joy, but instead you feel sad and down. Your hormone levels have dropped since giving birth. ... more »

    Newborn and Baby: Month 1

    Prior to giving birth you likely read tons of articles and books on how to care for a newborn and how to be the perfect new parent, but reality is far different from the planning process. No new parent is a perfect parent from the start. ... more »

    Newborn and Baby

    Do you have questions about the newborn baby? Feeding, sleeping habits, baby care, development, and safety? BabyMed can help you with these questions. ... more »

    New Warnings About Bed Sharing with Infants

    The number of babies who share a parents' bed has more than doubledsince the early 1990s, according to the recent National Infant SleepStudy, despite a number of public service ads warning of the increasedrisk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). ... more »

    Delicious Baby Aroma Encourages Mom's Bonding

    The almost-universal cry of mothers upon cuddling a newborn baby - thatthe baby smells good enough to eat - is more than just delight andaffection. It's a very real neurological response that can be tracedusing brain imaging scans. ... more »

    How to Prepare Financially for a Baby

    Welcoming a baby into the family creates many changes. The financial landscape of a family's budget is dramatically altered when a baby arrives. Consider the following tips when preparing financially for your new addition. ... more »

    Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) - What the Latest Research Shows

    While the condition is still not well understood, much research has been conducted in recent years in an effort to understand the causes and possible prevention of this heart-breaking illness. Below is a discussion of some of the latest findings. ... more »

    Reducing Newborn Infection Rates with Maternal Immunization

    Recently, suggested changes to maternal immunization guidelines suggest all women be vaccinated with Tdap in every pregnancy, but Tdap is not the only immunization currently being investigated. ... more »

    Newborns Put a Face to the Name - and the Voice

    I am amazed by the new 4D ultrasounds that have become popular with mothers in the last few years. These incredibly detailed images allow anticipation-filled parents-to-be view a 3D image of their growing baby. ... more »

    Why Seemingly Severe Disfigurement in Infancy is Often Temporary

    There is one story my mom always tells when the subject of childhood safety scares comes up during family discussions. She was very careful to make sure nothing bad happened to me as, but one slip-up gave her a story she will never forget. ... more »

    Kangaroo Care

    There is nothing more important than skin to skin contact between mother and child, according to the March of Dimes and other supporters of pregnancy and infant health. ... more »

    Whole Body Skin Cleansing with Chlorhexidine in Neonates

    In medical centers with low-resource reserves, cleansing the umbilical cord with chlorhexidine is used to reduce mortality rates. ... more »

    Your Baby is Seeing Red…Literally

    Since babies are born looking like they are perfectly developed and right on schedule, we often assume that they are done developing in the biological sense. In actuality, newborns have a long road of development ahead of them before they are anything like us adults. ... more »

    Social Development Starts in the Delivery Room

    You’ve probably never wondered how a baby knows exactly where to look when his mother holds him for the first time. Without fail, a baby always looks right into his mother’s eyes assuming he is developmentally healthy. ... more »

    Common Orthopedic Problems in Newborns

    Orthopedic problems in newborns are common with flat feet, in-toeing and bowlegs being common in the United States, but not all populations exhibit the same newborn orthopedic problems. ... more »

    Baby Can Learn to Swim Earlier Than You Might Think

    Have you ever seen one of those horrifying yet intriguing videos online where they throw a newborn baby into the water? Supposedly, babies can swim instinctively, or at least float in a way that allows them to survive until someone helps them. ... more »

    Low Milk Supply When Breastfeeding

    It is common for women to feel they are experiencing low milk supply at just the precise moment the female body gets used to feeding. Over-filled, leaky breasts are replaced with breasts that feel near normal and rarely leak. ... more »

    Why Baby Might be Born with a Head Blister

    Birth is a strenuous process for everyone involved. You will be screaming and sweating through labor, your husband will be holding his breath as you grip his hand, and the nurse staff will be tirelessly focused on making sure you and your baby come out. ... more »

    Is Your Baby Hairy?

    Your baby’s body will surprise you. When you see a perfect baby in movies, it is usually older, and many of the natural imperfections that come along with childbirth are cleaned up or edited out. ... more »

    Sustained Development Effects and Behavioral Assessment in VLBW Infants

    The Infant Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Program (IBAIP) supports cognitive and physical development of very low birth weight (VLBW) infants. ... more »

    Peeling Skin is Just One of Those Newborn Surprises

    Your baby’s vernix is one of the many little surprises you’ll get in the first few weeks of motherhood. ... more »