Eliminate Diaper Odor

For most people, the smell of baby poop diaper in the pail might be the worst part of having a baby. However, with some planning and common sense, the diaper pail does not have to stink quite so much. 

Diaper pails reek, that is, if you're using disposable ones. Have you considered cloth diapers? Using these eliminates the need for frequent cleaning of diaper pails. However, if you're sticking by disposable, you can limit the diaper’s exposure to the air to ensure your home can be the best smelling home with a baby in it on the block. 

Keeping it clean

Diaper pails often have settings on them to keep the smell of dirty diapers in and out of the general air. These can be one-way valves that help to trap the air in after you push the diaper into it or a flip lid. No matter how good the lid is though, some smell escapes. In addition to the smell escaping when you put the diaper away, you get nailed by the smell when you go to empty the diaper pail. How can this be avoided?

Try limiting the number of diapers that are in the diaper pail at any one time. This way, you can cut down on how long the diapers are in the pail. This can limit the stench of the diapers when the diaper pail is changed. By changing the diaper pail daily, you can limit the number of dirty diapers to four or five. This smaller quantity has considerably less odor than diaper pails with twenty to twenty-five diapers in it. When throwing out the diaper pail bag, tightly tie the bag and place it in another bag outside.

Another good idea for eliminating diaper pail odors is to keep the bin lined with baking soda. A box of baking soda at the bottom of the pail is very effective. Baking soda is known for absorbing odors and is used in litter boxes around the world for its ability to soak in the dirty odor and keep it trapped, making the litter box smell clean. This same idea of baking soda can be used in your diaper pail. 

Do air fresheners work?

While most people think to use air fresheners around the diaper pail or even in the diaper pail, these air fresheners can actually make the pail smell worse. Most air fresheners mask odors or fail to eliminate the entire odor, mixing their odor with the diaper odors.  This can make for a sickly sweet odor with the stench of diapers under it. 

Frequent washing of the diaper pail is another idea for getting rid of the diaper pail odors. This will help limit the bacteria in the air from the pail and helps to keep the home sanitary. It is suggested to use a bleach mixture to kill all of the bacteria in the diaper pail. While many people prefer to use ammonia, ammonia does not have any antibacterial properties, making bleach a better idea. Hot soap and water is another effective method of washing the diaper pail. 

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