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    Diaper rash is a painful condition in which the skin that is covered by a baby's diaper is red and inflamed from the constant contact of the diaper and the occasional contact of fecal matter to the baby's skin.

What is a diaper rash?

Diaper rash is a painful condition in which the skin that is covered by a baby's diaper is red and inflamed. This irritation forms from the constant contact of the diaper on the skin and the occasional contact of fecal matter. Diaper rash can be painful for the baby and can be very concerning for the baby’s parents. The prevention and treatment of a diaper rash is vital to the happiness and health of the baby.

How to prevent a diaper rash

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the old saying goes. This is equally true with diaper rashes. The best way to prevent diaper rashes is to keep the baby’s bottom dry. This means that the diaper should be changed regularly and often. In addition to this, diaper powders should be used to absorb any moisture that may be trapped in the diaper due to exertion or humidity.

Treating early

However, no matter how proactive you may be with your baby’s health, your baby may still develop a diaper rash. Treating the rash while it is early in its progression can make a big difference in terms of the healing process. If the diaper rash is allowed to continue, infections may develop and the baby will become extremely fussy as the diaper rash can be very painful. 

To begin caring for the diaper rash, visiting a pediatrician can be a good idea. This doctor specializes in babies and therefore often knows all the best methods for treating the baby. In addition to knowing the best ways to treat the baby, they can verify that the baby is not suffering from anything more serious than a diaper rash. It is always a good idea to check with a doctor before doing any treatments on your own.

Relieve with ointments and powders

One of the most common treatments for diaper rash is a topical ointment. This ointment protects the skin from fecal matter and allows the skin to heal uninterrupted. Petroleum Jelly is one of the most common topical ointments prescribed for babies. This is because if it is accidentally ingested, it does not upset or irritate the baby’s stomach. It is also readily available. 

Powders can be used to absorb moisture and help to heal diaper rash. The most important way of getting rid of a diaper rash is to keep the area clean and protected to provide the skin with the best chance for healing. A common thought to stop the rash is to completely remove the diaper. While it is not a good idea to remove the diaper for too long, it can be beneficial to remove the diaper for a short period after a diaper change. Since the baby has already had a bowel movement and/or urinated, he or she is less likely to do it for a short time after the diaper is removed. This allows air to get to the rash and allows the skin some time without anything rubbing against it. 

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