Changing DiapersDiapers are often the worst part of a parent’s experience with raising a new baby. No one likes to change diapers. Everyone likes to feed the baby. Everyone likes to hold the baby. Everyone likes to play with the baby. No one likes to change diapers. This is because diapers smell; they are full of pee and poo. They are messy and the baby rarely cooperates with the diaper changing process. But, there are ways to make the diaper changing process easier than most people think that it is. While nothing makes diapers fun to change, preparation and planning can make them simpler.

The first and foremost important thing to remember about changing diapers is that it has to be done. No one likes to change diapers, but it has to get done. That means just taking the buck and changing the diaper. Going around and trying to postpone the task can just make it worse because the baby can begin to play with the mess or the mess can spread or leak. As soon as you notice that the baby has made a mess in his or her diaper, change the diaper to avoid a larger mess. 

Once it is noticed that the baby’s diaper needs changed, gather up the supplies that you need and prepare a changing area for the baby. Supplies that are typically needed to change the baby’s diaper include a fresh diaper, baby wipes, and diaper powder. The changing area must be a flat area that is able to contain the baby while providing you with enough room to work. It is beneficial if the area is big enough to hold all of your supplies within easy reach. 

When changing the baby’s diaper, it is often considered easiest if you keep hold of the baby’s legs. This will make lifting the baby’s bottom easier, it will keep the baby from kicking you or the dirty diaper, and it will keep the baby from making an escape attempt.  When holding the baby’s legs, it is important to keep a gentle yet firm grip on the legs.  Most people hold the baby’s legs at the feet and ankles, although you may feel more comfortable holding the legs elsewhere. 

Speed is another important thing to remember when changing a baby’s diaper. Babies rarely want to simply lie around. They often want to be up and exploring, and exploring without a diaper can be even more fun for them. If you change the baby’s diaper quickly and efficiently, then you do not have to worry about the baby fussing too much. This can make the diaper changing experience less stressful for everyone involved. 

Once the diaper has been successfully cleaned and changed, the baby can be on his way and you can rid yourself of the smelly diaper and wipes. You should clean anything that got dirty during the process and wash your hands as soon as possible. The diaper can be disposed of in a garbage can or diaper can as soon as possible to keep the scent from polluting the air too much. 

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