Believe it or not, babies can be come easily bored if left with nothing to do.  This can make for a fussy and unhappy baby.  However, one can easily entertain a one month baby, while having fun doing it.  Entertaining a one month old baby does not require any expensive toys or electronics.  While entertaining a one month baby may take time, it is one of the best parts of being a parent.  One of the most entertaining things in the baby’s life very well could be you and the attention that you shower on the baby every day.

One month old babies are great for many reasons.  In addition to be the combination of love in a household, they are progressing from the infant state of eating and sleeping and going on to the playing process.  The one month old baby is better able to focus and see than the infant baby, this helps to add to the desire to imitate the parent.  This is the time when sticking out one’s tongue on command becomes very fun. 

It is important to remember when entertaining a one month baby that you are the most important thing in that baby’s life.  You are the baby’s friends, the baby’s self as far as the baby understands.  You therefore are what the baby wants to play with the most.  The baby craves attention and play time from you.  All the toys in the world will never replace your attention.

One of the best games to play with a one month old is the imitation game.  This is a game where you do something in hopes of the baby imitating you.  It is important to remember that the baby does not necessarily understand hips and such, so poses are less effective than facial expressions.  Using facial expressions, you can get the baby to imitate you and develop his or her facial muscles.  These muscles will be helpful when it comes to learning how to talk.

Another great way to entertain a one month old baby is to read a book to him or her.  The process of reading a book at such a young age is simply to allow the baby to hear your voice and develop the language aspect of the brain.  The act of reading to the baby is not to teach the baby to read since reading is well advanced for a one month old baby.

The introduction to soft toys and your interaction between the toys and the baby can also be one of the most entertaining things to a one month old baby.  These toys often feel good on the baby’s skin and help to build the caring nature of the baby.  These toys can eventually even become safety nets for the child and comfort the baby as he or she begins to grow. 

No matter how you choose to entertain your one month old baby, the bond that develops between your play and the baby’s play will last a lifetime.  Play is always known to create bonds, and the play between a parent and the baby can create the strongest bonds.

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