Moms are superheroes for sure, but why can’t baby be too? Feel free to nerd-out over these eleven super cute superhero baby’s okay, comic books are cool, we promise!

  1. Bruce: Did the Bat Signal flash in anyone’s mind when reading this one? Just us? For all Batman lovers out there, here’s a little way to honor Bruce Wayne.
  2. Logan: A way to show Wolverine some love without naming your baby, well...Wolverine.
  3. Diana: For that little girl you already know is going to save the world. Give her that Wonder Woman flair!
  4. Peter: Spiderman fans, listen up. This one is a two-in-one: both Peter and Parker both work as first names!
  5. Harley: Miss Harley Quinn hails from the Batman comics and is quite the character. An adorable choice for a girl!
  6. Storm: If you’re a fan of the X-Men series and unique names, this covers both bases. A powerful pick for sure.
  7. Tony: Tony Stark. Iron Man. Enough said. Another power move right here!
  8. Natasha: AKA Black Widow and founding member of the Avengers. The makings of a leader right here!
  9. Robin: Let’s not forget the other half of the Batman duo. A loyal sidekick, either boy or girl!
  10. Jean:  Hailing from the X-Men comics, we love the simplicity behind this name.
  11. Pepper: Iron Man fans know that your little girl will be one of a kind with this name.

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