Searching for the perfect name for your baby? Of course, you are! We've got you covered with lists of the most popular baby girl and baby boy names, unique baby names for countries, cities, and landmarks, gender neutral baby names, celebrity baby names, and more! Scroll down to find the just the right name for your baby!

Popular Baby Names

How to Choose a Baby Name to Fit Your Last Name


One of the most difficult challenges when naming children is to choose a first and middle name that goes perfectly with the baby's last name. Learn how to choose a baby name to fit your last name!

Baby Name Finder

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Our Baby Name Finder will help break down 20,000+ baby names and give you the meaning and origin. Search by :

11 Unique Celebrity Baby Names


Today’s celebrities seem to be taking all the risks when it comes to naming their babies. If you’re looking for unique baby name inspo, look no further than Hollywood. Check out the hottest celebrity baby names!

17 Baby Names Inspired by Locations


Honoring a destination is a new baby-naming trend. Here are 17 location-inspired baby names, ranging from countries, cities, and even landmarks!

Colorful Crayon Baby Names 


Parents are taking a cue from the creatives at Crayola who have really upped the color game and naming their babies after the unique new colors available. Take a look at Crayola magic at its best with these colorful baby names.

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