In recent years, there’s been a stronger, louder conversation about gender. Specifically, the power to have a say in one’s own identification. More parents are moving toward gender-neutral, or unisex baby names in hopes of promoting more freedom for baby as they grow older. Here are 12 adorable gender neutral baby names!

  1. Avery: Believe it or not, this one means “ruler of elves” in Old English. A little quirky but a short and simple choice for sure.

  2. Dylan/Dillion: Spelled for boys and girls respectively, this rather common name means “great tide”. Talk about majestic!

  3. Jesse/Jessie: Another pick with various spellings, this name represents wealth. Surely your baby will thank you for choosing this one!

  4. Peyton: A fitting choice for boys and girls alike. Means “from the town of soldiers and warriors”. Looking to instill a bit of strength in baby? Might be a good choice!

  5. Quinn: There are plenty of spellings for this common name, meaning “having wisdom, intelligence, and reason”. Not a bad trio, huh?

  6. Ryan/Ryann: The typical boy and girl spelling, respectively. Means “little ruler”! More common for boys but an adorable pick for a girl, too!

  7. Jordan: This name is associated with water, specifically meaning “flowing down”. Multiple spelling options here as well!

  8. Parker: Translates to “keeper of the park” in Old French. A great choice for both genders, but extra unique for girls!

  9. Bailey: “Law enforcer” in Old English...not a bad quality for baby, don't you think?

  10. Harper: For the music-loving parents, this name means “harp player”.

  11. Phoenix: A bold name for either gender, this pick represents the powerful bird that rises from the ashes.

  12. Logan: Meaning “small hollow”, we love this one for both genders!

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