We know you’re itching to meet baby, and when they arrive, they’ll quickly become the center of your world! What better place to look for baby name inspiration than to the beautiful night sky. How does the saying go? Written in the stars? Sounds about right to us!

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  1. Leo: Both a constellation and a zodiac sign, this pick means “lion”.
  2. Halley: Have you heard of Halley’s comet? It occurs just twice in a lifetime. Talk about special! There are multiple spellings for this name so customize as you’d like.
  3. Luna: Short, sweet, and simple. The Latin word for “moon”.
  4. Cosmo: Originally stems from the word “cosmos”, meaning “the whole universe”.
  5. Gemini: A zodiac sign that translates to “twins”, this one’s a classic.
  6. Sol: A neutral choice that works for both boys and girls. The Latin word for “sun”.
  7. Estella: Means “star” in Spanish!
  8. Phoenix: Not only does this name refer to a mythical birth of rebirth, but it’s also a small constellation!
  9. Mars: The fourth planet from the Sun and the name for the Roman god of war.
  10. Archer: This name honors the half-man, half-horse of the Sagittarius constellation.
  11. Holmes: Getting a bit more creative, Comet Holmes from 2007 was best known for having a diameter bigger than the Sun! That’s a lot of energy right there...
  12. Carina: We adore this one- not only does it mean “cute” in Italian, but the name comes from the second largest star in the sky (part of the Argo Navis constellation)
  13. Sunniva: A rare choice that means, “sun gift”. Shorten to Niva or Sunny for an adorable alternative!
  14. Ayla: Means “moon glow” in Turkish. Precious pick for your beaming babe.
  15. Kale: Surprised to see this one here? Not only is it a superfood, but it’s also a moon orbiting Jupiter!
  16. Wolf: A name with an edge. This is a constellation in the southern sky.
  17. Sirius: “Glowing” in Ancient Greek. A fitting translation considering this is the brightest star in the night sky. Perfect for the brightest star in your life as well!

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