Spring is known as the season of birth and new life. After a long winter, the first days of sunshine and spring flowers feel extra special and babies born during the spring represent this awakening. Here are 6 popular names for your little spring flower.

  1. Clover: A perfect unisex name not quite as delicate as a flower namesake. Considering a clover’s ability to grow in a variety of climates, this name represents hardiness and adaptability.

  2. Brooks/Brooke: Spelled for a boy and girl respectively, a brook is a small stream.

  3. Daisy: An adorable name that honors the first spring flowers of the year.

  4. Mae/May: Two ways to spell the springtime month smack in the middle of the season.

  5. Denver: Not the city as much as its true meaning, “green valley” in French.

  6. Willow: This tree-inspired name is unique and adorable!

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