Do you have an adorable autumn cutie heading your way? Fall is the season of transformation: the changing leaves, dropping temperatures, and returning to work and school after a slow season. We’re sharing 7 of our favorite fall baby names that capture this magical time of year perfectly. You’ll fall for all of them...we sure did!

  1. Autumn: A classic that never gets old, what better way to honor the season than to name baby directly after it?

  2. Amber: A deep, rusty color that screams fall like no other.

  3. Maize: Yes, corn! A staple this season. Take this name one step further by pronouncing it “May-zee”. Too cute!

  4. Clove: Adorable for both boys and girls, this spice is used often in fall recipes.

  5. Ivy: An autumn plant, this name is short and sweet.

  6. Hunter: Fall is traditionally known as the season of hunters and gathers. We think this name is just a bit cuter than “Gatherer”!

  7. Ash: In Middle English, this one meant “the tree”. The longer form of Asher is just as adorable.

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