Nothing says winter more than snow and holidays, and nothing makes it more special than welcoming a baby. If you’re expecting during this frosty season, take a scroll for some baby name inspiration ... because your ice prince or princess will be here before you know it!

1. Noelle: If Christmas is your favorite holiday, this one may be your winter winner!

2. January: The month, yes, but this name originates from the Greek God Janus, who represented transitions and beginnings.

3. Aspen: A quality unisex name inspired by the classic winter tree.

4. Robin/Robyn: Spelled for a boy and girl respectively, this name is inspired by the adorable winter bird. It also means “bright and shining” in German!

5. Snow: Pretty self-explanatory, this light and fun name captures the most prominent symbol of winter.

6. Holly: A more common choice, this name is inspired by the berries of holly trees that ripen this season.

7. Gavin: Meaning “white hawk”, this name evokes vivid imagery of a majestic bird flying over a snow-laden landscape!

8. Douglas: Another more common pick, this name is often associated with douglas-fir trees, popular around Christmas time.

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