The gender reveal party is one of the hippest trends in the expecting community. After you have chosen the theme and sent out invitations, you are left with planning the party menu. You are pregnant, so you have to take food safety into consideration, but other than pregnancy food safety, you have the freedom to be as creative as you want to be with your gender reveal party menu.

baby shower foodPregnancy Diet Limitations
During pregnancy it is a good idea to limit or avoid certain foods considered unsafe for consumption during pregnancy. Avoid foods like:

  • Lunch meat
  • Undercooked eggs
  • Unpasteurized dairy and cheeses
  • Undercooked or raw seafood
  • Fish containing high levels of mercury

Let the Creative Juices Flow
Creativity is perfect for the gender reveal party. The two most common party food themes are pink/blue or black/white. The pink/blue party menu is centered on offering foods in both colors with the final reveal at the end of the night. Guests are asked to choose from the color table they believe matches the gender of baby. If more pink food is gone – more guests think you are having a girl and vice versa.

The black/white food menu aims to eliminate color from the mix all together. Guests are asked to choose from pink or blue condiments, plates, forks or napkins. Again, guest selection tells the mom-to-be the baby's sex guests are leaning toward.

Specific Food Options for Your Gender Reveal Party

After thousands of gender reveal parties across the United States, common food choices start to pop up again and again.

  • Deviled Eggs: Color the yolks pink and blue to play along with the gender reveal. Ask guests to choose the egg that matches their guess for your baby’s sex.
  • Cravings: Allow guests to choose from foods labeled by cravings – sweet, salty, chewy and sour. Ask guests to guess gender by marking on a chalkboard or adding their guess to by suggesting a name. 
  • Gender-Specific Mix: Create a mix of marshmallows, nuts, chocolates and seeds. Add colored chocolates to two separate batches – pink and blue. Guests can pick a mix of their gender choice. 
  • Donut Dippers: Offer guests glazed donuts with two choices of sprinkles – pink and blue. Guests dip he donut in the sprinkles they think match the gender to be revealed.

Food at your gender reveal party is only limited by the fact that you are pregnant. Skip the dangerous foods, but feel free to get madly creative when it comes to offering foods in pink and blue.

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