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Food, Diet, And Nutrition: Before, During, and After Pregnancy

Some foods are safe and others are not safe during pregnancy because changes in hormones can cause a woman's immune system to become suppressed. ... more »
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Pre-Trimester Diet and Lifestyle Tips

Simple changes to diet and lifestyle may take days or weeks to complete, but other health issues can take longer to resolve. Your preconception health is extremely important to your pregnancy health. ... more »
Vitamins and supplements

Dietary Iodine Crucial for Fetal Brain Development

A new study from Sweden reinforces the importance of adequate dietary intake of iodine during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Iodine is a mineral important to thyroid function. ... more »
Eating for two during pregnancy

Eating for Two in Pregnancy? Don't. Nature's Got That Covered

One pregnancy myth - the need to eat for two- has recently been debunked in a scientific study that reveals Mother Nature already has pregnancy nutrition covered. ... more »
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Gluten-Free Pregnancy, Lactation Might Minimize Baby's Risk of Type 1 Diabetes

A mother's gluten-free diet during pregnancy and lactation might minimize her baby's risk of developing this childhood disease. ... more »
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Mealtime TV: Expectant Moms More Likely to Overfeed Themselves and Infants

Eating mindlessly while watching TV is a bad habit associated with obesity. It's especially concerning when pregnant women watch television while eating, according to a study recently presented. ... more »
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Powerhouse Recipes for Powerhouse Fruits and Veggies

A list of “powerhouse” fruits and vegetables (PFVs) was just published to help guide consumers into buying the most nutritious fresh produce in the market. The list ranks 41 fruits and vegetables by score, with 100 being the most nutritious. ... more »
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Newly Defined “Powerhouse” Fruits, Veggies Perfect for Pregnancy

Dr. Jennifer Di Noia has made it easy to make healthy choices. She’s devised a food rating system that lists, by number, fruits and vegetables she describes as nutritional “powerhouses.” Even better, these powerhouse fruits and veggies (PFVs) are absolutely perfect for pregnancy. ... more »
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Hard and Crunchy or Soft and Chewy: Food Texture Impacts Calorie Perception

A recent study of food texture indicates that people generally think foods that are hard and crunchy have fewer calories than foods that are soft and chewy but this isn't necessarily the case. ... more »